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  1. as above really ive got a 1.0l x reg and im after ordering my coilovers but im not sure witch fits mine
  2. as abover really not got a budget anymore want a really clean nice looking car.. standard or not. cheers guys!
  3. youve got to be stacking notes rolling on them badboys! wanted some for mine till i seen price.. per rim! love car though!
  4. im selling my 1.0 lupo soon mate. low millage, 2 owners from new, good con.
  5. alot might laugh.. and i wish i knew how to uplaod a photo but ive got a camel toe.
  6. Post one picture of your Lupo, seen some guy do this on a Polo forum and some awesome cars got posted. No comments, please pm "owner" if you need. See if this works.
  7. if im honest matey its alittle out my price range.
  8. ive got to agree with him, 1.4 would of been perfect.
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