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    Arosa 2001 TDi
  1. robclowes


    yes 2 sizes listed
  2. robclowes


    I have a 2001 tdi. I need to replace pads and shoes but more than one listed. Any ideas, also how easy is it to replace?
  3. I have 2 sets with tyres
  4. Put the Katanas on today, better than G60's? What you think IMG_20140427_172740.JPG IMG_20140427_172811.JPG IMG_20140427_172905.JPG IMG_20140427_172708.JPG
  5. robclowes

    TDi EGR

    could do with a how to on this, anyone>
  6. robclowes

    TDi EGR

    Is there a how to? pics etc
  7. robclowes

    TDi EGR

    Any advice on blanking an egr valve, pros cons?
  8. I had this problem and so has my son, Relay 109 behind fuses, absolute swine to get to, and about £15
  9. Broke down tonight, recovery man thinks there is no fuel getting to filter. Any ideas
  10. robclowes


    Roofbars wanted, anyone got any they dont need
  11. robclowes


    Hi My backbox fell off a couple of days ago. Does anyone know of a performance replacement for a 1.4 tdi
  12. Hi Guys, need assistance Wouldseat ibiza 15 wheels with205/55/15 tyres fit my arosa tdi on standard suspension?
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