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  1. my lupo that has currently done 143,000 miles has decided to start burning oil and not only that the gearbox has gone i am keen to keep the car and i have a chance of buying a mk4 golf 1.6 cheap as chips running smooth would the engine fit out the golf fit in the lupo ?
  2. its been a few months this is my lupo now! after lots of moneyyy
  3. Ok, yeah i know where your coming from, i dont think the 1,0 is the right engine choice for me like, could do with 1.4 tdi but same old story i am 17 they pull my pants down on insurance any way back to the original question wondering if this is correct 130miles on 21£ i think that is shocking, did 220 miles not so long ago that cost me 50£! , but all on motorways at 70 possible that its my driving!
  4. and this is how i messured it i put 21£ in when the fuel light came on and when i got back the fuel light came back on so that must meen i only used the 21£ i put in yeah?
  5. it was sevised 2500 miles ago, i think its the fact the lupo is so slow u have to really give it some to get to 70 on motorway
  6. got a 1.0 lupo it seem to be absolutly shocking on fuel its standered engine only thing is a blanked egr valve i did 130 miles it used 21£ my mate in his 1.6 tdci focus did same but 15£ surly cant be right
  7. what gearbox oil does 1.0 lupo take and also what tool do i need to get the plug out thank you
  8. i think you will find you do need the wings unless you cut yours , which is difficult
  9. For a start you will also need the grill and the wings off a 3L otherwise it wont fit
  10. ok well dont understand what your trying to achieve here whats wrong with using it normally ?
  11. ever thought of using one of these just goes in to 12v cig lighter socket and it does the trick for me matee http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12v-HIGH-POWER-USB-UNIVERSAL-MINI-CAR-CHARGER-ADAPTER-/280718846555?pt=UK_MobilePhones_MobilePhoneAccessories_MobilePhoneChargers&hash=item415c25aa5b
  12. i am on 195/45/16 toyo's good grip , bad lows! but mine being a 1.0 dont really need grip :L unless your railing round a roundabout ,
  13. You can disconnect the battery for 10 mins and it goes off or use a vagcom ,
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