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  1. Hey, just the wheels, adaptors and tyres im afraid!
  2. Hi, i havnt been on here since selling my lupo last year. i still have the wheels/adaptors etc as have been lazy and havnt made much of an effort to sell them! Although 7 months later im sure your now sorted. I dont really want to let the adaptors go seperately because i had them made specially for the wheels!
  3. Well im selling them! along with my lupo and a bunch of other stuff, (coilovers etc). I just didnt have the time! Sorry for the super late reply!
  4. Sanding is such boring tedious work, but its worth it in the end! I'm going for mirror finish on mine so the sand paper I'm using in stages is 320, 500, 800 dry, then 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1500 wet. Its not difficult but very time consuming! Its definitely worth it though depending on how much shine you want!
  5. I picked up these wheels a few months ago and after stripping off many different layers of paint including white, grey, orange, green and blue i decided to go ahead and get them acid dipped just to be sure! The dishes have a few scratches that mostly i have been able to sand out but there are still a few tiny marks that are hardly noticable. (although i know they are there so they will annoy me!) The centre caps are very damaged so will have to purchase some new ones! Heres some pictures of my progress! Paint stripping a month or so ago.. Today: Its a beautiful day to be getting on with prep
  6. My new engine is finally being fitted in a rush as i need the car for bugjam to get in with my VW weekend ticket! There isnt enough time to make the car something amazing for Bugjam, so i think im literally just going to have my coilovers fitted! It doesnt matter though as im not going to be showing it anyway Not enough time to fit my wheels as with my custom adaptors my arches are going to have to be pulled like crazy! Plus im still sanding down the dishes so they can be polished AND i still havnt decided on a colour for the centres.. although think i might go for grey. I have custom panels
  7. Had an awesome weekend at players classic! shame DC was so small this year..

  8. Need to get up to go to players in 5 hours

  9. yeah, cant wait to have the paint redone. such a nice colour!
  10. Im not sure, id have to look at the part number and the wheels are being refurbished at the moment! will definitely save that link though and check it once i know more! Thankyou
  11. Yeah they are, pretty old though so not sure how visable the number will be but il deffo give that a try, thanks!
  12. That is too far to travel for me Thanks though!
  13. I have tried eBay but all i have found is damaged ones or plastic ones! all the ones worth buying are from america! Maybe i can pick some up when i go there on holiday in october
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