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  1. In the wrong topic I know.. Lupo 1.4 75bhp clutch for sale Bought for my lupo, and never got round to getting it changed! Now have a new car! Want around £70 for it or offers? Brand new in box Can post, but obviously will charge a little extra Any questions, just ask Thanks!
  2. Jazz Blue lupo heading towards Kingsclere / Basingstoke? Looked Lowered on Black alloys, didn't see you for long!
  3. princessbubble22


    Basically, I've got 13" alloys on my Lupo, at the moment they have 175/60 13 tires on them and they look quite chunky! Just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of other sized tires i could get on these and what would look best? Cheers!
  4. Oh god, doesn't sound too good! Whats the worst that can happen if that goes? :l
  5. Have a weird clicking noise coming from the front passenger side, when i'm on full lock. The faster i go the louder it clicks! Could this bee coil over related or something else? Not really sure what to look for when i have the wheel off!! Thanks
  6. Don't suppose you worked this one out did you? Mines done the exact same
  7. Any idea which number the car fuse is? Cant seem to find the right one, and when i do it doesn't have a fuse anyway?
  8. Finally got my central locking to work needed a new fuse! But now my CD player has gone kapoot Boyfriend was fiddling with cd player at the weekend and it sparked at him, and now doesn't work. Thought it was the cd player so tryed a different one all together and not even that works, could it be a fuse that's blown? Any suggestions would be brill! Thanks
  9. Eeeek! My heaters are working thank god, I think its more rain coming in from somewhere. No water today as its been sunny!
  10. Ah great, Heater matrix's are a pain to fix on 306's, are they just as bad on lupos?!
  11. First of all I hate the rain! Basically went out to the car earlier to find a lovely puddle of water on the passenger front footwell any ideas where it could have come from would be great, will investigate more tomorrow anyway but would be a good help if I knew where to check! Haha Thanks
  12. Don't hold me to this, but it could be gear shaft seals and the gear selector seals. Had mine replaced recently for 150. But all I know is mine was leaking oil and this was the cause(the seals)
  13. Damn! £130?! God i would love that price, I got quoted by halfords £325 and that's with staff discount!!
  14. Heey, anyone know the best place (cheapish!) near Newbury,Berkshire to get a whole clutch kit fitted? Thanks!!
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