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  1. So after pulling the pedal box and swapping out the position sensor it has solved nothing. So now I'm stuck. Is there any measuring blocks on the vcds that I can look at to find some thing out. Weirdly noticed today that the measuring block for engine coolant was sitting at 120C would that cause limp mode with no throttle pedal? At a loss now.
  2. I tried pushing it open but it seems to not want to turn. I have run vcds 060 throttle valve reset and it moves it lovely and passes the test. So I can get the car to idle kind of by not touching anything after starting the engine the EPC light comes on and then it hold idle for more like 10-15 seconds before during but it hunts around from around 700rpm up to 1300rpm and sounds like it's missing but only after the light comes on.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It's looking like it's the sensor. Just wondering if I could have disturbed something as I did a gearbox replacement 3 weeks ago and was all fine before that and lasted a week after? Is there anywhere on this forum or online that shows how to get at the pedal sensor as laying in the footwell it just looks impossible without taking alot of the dash out or something. Does Haynes do a manual? Thanks again.
  4. So I have the EPC light coming on on my Lupo. Start the engine and it fires up immediately. And if you hold the revs then it revs normally for about 3 seconds then the EPC light comes on and it does. I've had my vagcom on it and get 18047 - accelerator position sensor 1/2 (G79/G185) P1639 35-10 implausible signal - intermittent. I've cleaned the throttle body and the brake lights still come on. Charged the battery to full. Any help as to what to check with the vagcom would be greatly appreciated as I'm now scratching my head Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Banshee, What's the handling like compared to standard springs? I have had those same springs in my watch list for months.
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