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  1. Time has come to look at parting ways with my Lupo! I've owned it for the past 3 years and it's been a pleasure. Looking for £1000 ono! For serious interest I will provide more comprehensive photos and answer any questions! Just ticked over to 100k! Sits on TA technix coilovers all around, fairly low but doesn't scrape on anything so still very practical! Has a 15x7 set of DARE RS (BBS reps) ET20 with 195/45/15 tyres on. Both wheels are tyres were new less than 2 months ago cost £450 with receipt to prove. I've changed out the original interior for a GTi interior at a cost of £200! This is the most worthwhile mod in my opinion, the seats are much comfier and the bolsters are bigger. They are the dark grey ones with red stitching in great condition. In my ownership since 2012 I've replaced balljoints, track rod ends, exhaust backbox, suspension, discs, pads, cambelt, water pump, aux belt, plugs, filter, battery and I've serviced it every 8,000 miles with Castrol GTX oil and a genuine filter. I've looked after this car in every way possible. A great car never missed a beat started every time no problems! Even on the coldest of days. Nippy for what it is great on fuel £20 returns 150 miles. Very cheap to insure, £500 for me all mods declared at 20. Has a rockford fostgate active sub in the boot (leaves half the boot still in use) which sounds immense, this wasn't a cheap sub and was bought for £300 last year. It's not OTT it's nice tuned bass in a small package meaning you can still get a few bags of shopping in the boot but enjoy bass. I'll include this if the asking price is met, otherwise it will be removed before sale. Car is clean for it's age. Always get comments on how well maintained it is, paint is healthy and has been maintained using autobrite direct products. Washed once a week and a good coat of wax always maintained. Unfortunatly the driver door has a small dint/ripple in it from some kind soul pushing they're door into it at a supermarket. A small scrape on the front bumper (passenger side), a small scrape on the rear 1/4 (passenger side) and a crack in the indicator panel. I bought it like this and it's never really bothered me, for it's age it cleans up really well but the bodywork is not 100% mint but after all it's an older car. Nothing that has ever bothered me and I like a clean car. Honesty is the best policy. The roof has been wrapped professionally in gloss black vinyl which I think looks great. Tastefully modified, lowered but still practical, handles well. Great first car, super cheap to run and insure. Very cheap to insure, great MPG, great looks and surprisingly practical! Spare set of pressed plates included Has remote central locking (retrofitted), MOT until feb 2014, taxed until January 2014. Being an E it's the simpler model without PAS but that's less to go wrong in my opinion! I've been as honest as can be about the car and I truly do love it but it's time to move on! ​Serious interest only, viewing recommended. Often in Manchester based in Runcorn.
  2. Sounds like you have the non-gti coils as kam racing said, the GTi's have larger bolt holes to allow SOME camber adjustment, You can use a dremel to open up the holes or a file.
  3. If you can hear the actuators clicking but not actually locking you've mounted the locking rods poorly. If they can't actually pull on the lock mech they revert back to the open position to save killing the actuators.
  4. A set of moleys and some force removed the stubborn cap, done it loads
  5. This I wired mine in and left the box loose and just put it ontop of the cover that goes above the pedals while i screwed it back up. Easiest place for it to be honest and easy to get access if something starts playing up. Right above the fusebox should you need that too but I didn't at all! Took 12v power from the ignition loom, easy access to indicator wiring also!
  6. Sometimes the seatbelt assembly can be catching on the runners. There's a triangle piece that it bolts to which doesn't play well with the lupo teethed runners. I had some for a little while, didn't bother grinding them when I wanted to slide the seat forwards I would have to push the seatbelt clip backwards quite a bit and then it would slider on the runners. You've probably not chopped enough off the base which is why this is still catching
  7. You need to get it plugged into Vag Com mate and see if any faults show it. The splutter is likely a missfire caused by leads, plugs or coilpack but short of replacing all 3 it's better to plug it in first or find a friend with the same car and swap the coilpack/leads to see if it cures. By 'Malfunction indicator light' do you mean Engine Management Light? That could be anything really, I'd get something like a temp sensor/MAF sensor which could put the car into limp mode or make it run lumpy!
  8. There's a how to on here mate, buy the Rlick kit it's a fairly simple install around an hour if you know what your doing and most of that is hiding wires!
  9. Most of the BBS reps are of 2 or 3 piece wheels which will be much stronger than a cast wheel made in china that's just the reality. They are in no way dangerous, just not as strong or hard wearing. You get what you pay for, if you want the looks but can't afford the real deal then reps are a good way. Aslong as you don't run BBS caps on them as silver said, that would make you a douche!
  10. Stab in the dark but I'd say it's the power to the fuses on the battery can't remember what their for off the top of my head. Why do you want to know? Did a bit of digging no 15 on this diagram, part of the main loom Part No: 6N0937774 (flat contact housing fuse socket battery)
  11. They're not Anni seats mate, they're just normal mk4 recaros that come in most mk4 GTi! The anni seats are a lot different see below None the less, good little mod! Had a red set in mine a few moons ago and they were comfy as hell!
  12. What paint code red? I might be interested in rear bumper and indicator panel
  13. I've just purchased the sigma version! Used the canon a few times for some premier league football stuff and seriously rate it! I mostly stick to cars/sports also! www.shootthefuture.co.uk Get cracking with the lupo!
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