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  1. Yeah does it on a run , obviously having the heaters on coils her down a bit which keeps me running , going to have a play this afternoon
  2. can leave the car running, within 15 minutes of stand still I'm over heating.
  3. I'm still on going with this problem ;( lol been a while
  4. Any Gti Alternators 70amp knocking about ?
  5. Hi guys, so yeah , as the title says, I'm after a drivers side sun visor + the clips , and I've had a few problems with my sunroof so , after a new one (electric) cheers guys, much appreciated Ben
  6. getting the mrs a new car. thinking of this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/231294536234?clk_rvr_id=675146442205&item=231294536234&lgeo=1&vectorid=229508 is this a good buy? cheers
  7. right ok mate cheers, ill have a gander
  8. ok mate , what did you do then to sort it cheers btw
  9. yeah mate cools down if i open up the heater
  10. alright club lupo, my cars still overheating, I've changed the thermostat and the water pump was changed when i had my cam belt done in june last year. what else could it be? cheers
  11. Yeah got them sorted, demon tweeks replied with , we could of gave you a refund... but all the hassle returning them just winds me up. So i sent them the bill for having them bored out. They didnt want anything to do with me. Never using them again anywah
  12. bg02gar


    anyone know of a set of these going anywhere?
  13. bg02gar


    Oem roof bars , any one selling ? Ty
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