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  1. Have mention this before but this morning (3 weeks since last incident) car really sputtered badly and it was raining really heavy the only time this seems to happen is when it has been or is rainy. Can anyone help. Also have had this problem in the past
  2. Have previouly post on here with car trouble just been pain in the ass but looking for advice. Car fox 1.4 2008 had MOT start of March. Had pay for used Cat to be fitted. Got car back and has been running smooth for the last few weeks but 2 weeks ago 2 morning straight the car was sputtering and engine light flashed stop car both times and the engine was fine. Raining both times during the night. Just thus Wednesday driving home through heavy rain doing about 75 to 80 surface water car started to sputter again and emission light flashed got home and left car for 20 mins running fine and it did it first thing this morning again, previous night rain. Sorry for going on but can anyone help as to what it is I think its sparks but could rain be coincdence
  3. Looking for some quick advice. Own a VW Fox 1.4 2008 114k MOT due in 2 weeks. The emission light has been on for best part of nearly 3 years(but never had problems with car so been told just leave it), have had lambda sensors replaced in this time as was told this was the problem but light still on and was told it CAT failing. Cannot afford to buy new car yet, does anyone have idea price change the CAT or it past if I used catclean through the system. Any help would be great
  4. Recently front drivers suspension squeaking over bumps. More noticeable when going over speed bumps. But last couple of days worse I think down to the cold. Question would it be safe to drive for 2 to 3 weeks until getting fixed. I drive roughly about 200 miles a week on motorway and town roads. Any advice welcome thanks. Oh just quick note suspension spring replaced in June of this year
  5. My check engine light has been on since April 2016 and guy at the garage says the CAT is failing and will need replaced at the next MOT Feb 2018. But recently my car is playing up, couple of days ago when start car in morning the light flashed and the car is slightly shaking and find hard to pick up speed when changing gear plus my ECP light came on for sometime and when stop car and started again did not come on. Guy at garage looked at it and says it down to slip clutch and need replaced in the future but I feel the engine still slightly judders in netural. Can anyone help
  6. Wondering if anyone can help. I drive a 2008 1.4 Fox Urban. I have notice recently when driving over bumps and also driving at about 60 - 70 mph I have noticed a metallic noise from the the boot/ rear drivers side. I have emptied the boot and the noise got worse. I have checked underneath and the only thing I could think it was is the heat shield as this is a bit loose but also think it might be suspension as well. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem thanks for any help
  7. Hi Wondering if anyone can help. My emissions light came one so I book into garage and the guy cleaned up front lambda sensor but after a commuting to work in 2 days (40 miles per day) the emissions light came back on. Guy at the garage replaced the front lambda sensor , £155, and that was that but after communting to work in 2 days(40 miles per day) the bloody light came back on again. Now the guy says it sounds like the rear lambda sensor now, just not wanting to pay out another £155 for rear, could it be something more simple. Any help would be great
  8. Wonder if someone could help. When I am turning on my lights to dipped only my light on passenger side comes on plus the main beam symbol comes on the dashboard. The light on the driver side does come on sometimes and main beam symbol disappears but then will go back to the previous. Also my main bulb on the drivers side was replaced in October and this was done at Halfords, could it be just be buld not fitted properly. Any help would be great
  9. I have 2008 VW Fox 1.4 Urban and it is nearing 60000 miles and I have heard this is when you should have your cam belt replaced could any tell me if this is the case and does anyone know how much it would be, thanks
  10. Does anyone else have the problem of front washer, you have filled up washer but when using front washer they work only a few times, there no leak as the back washer work everytime so I am think it could be pressure. Could anybody give me advice, cheers
  11. Wondering if anyone can help I recently had my car into the garage as the MIL came on and the car would not start so the guy replaced the spark plugs and leads which he says was the cause. But after a week the car is not starting first thing in the morning but you turn the key again and its fine so just wondering if anyone knows what it could be. Thinking it could be the starter motor or battery (as the battery icon on dashboard flashes when turning key) any help would be great
  12. Cheers mate going into garage tomorrow
  13. Have VW Fox - Car for the last week and half has not been starting first time but would then start second or third time, but now the malfuncation indicator light came on and when I am driving every time I change gear the car spultters until I reach a certain speed, think it might be the spark plugs. I have had this problem before about 5 weeks ago but the guy I bought it off say he sorted the problem but it has started again and was wondering is it still ok to drive the car as I need it for work or will the problem it worse
  14. Wondering if anyone can help I own a VW Fox Urban 1.4 2008 only had it just over 3 months and having a problem when starting the car. When I turn the key to start the car the engine will start but then dies, then I do it a second time it works fine, well it was until today where I had to turn key 3 times before the engine fully kicked in also forgot to mention that I have to put my foot on the accelator. If anyone could help with any advice that would be great
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