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  1. Thanks guys, shame I lightly curbed one of them last night ?should mostly polish out though. Yeah the stickers took hours but I had nothing else better to do whilst I wasn't on the road Lol. Came out quite nicely I think
  2. Looking good on the alleycats. May I ask why the mk3 front shocks, do they go lower?
  3. Haha cheers man, I do love it. The camber was done with washers, there is a full write up on dirty stancing called "nobody puts camber in the corner". If you search that it will show you everything you need to know
  4. Thanks mate, I am using washers, Running 7 degrees up back! Just fitted static +, Results below :
  5. They did look nice in red but my heart was set on purple from day one. The colour clash is not going to be everyones cup of tea but in my opinion I think I can pull it off quite nicely.
  6. Time for an update. Fitted the Steffans (9j rear so super wide) and ran them for a few weeks ... After a few weeks I decided to sell them as it was just to much, They did look good but it drove terrible with 5 degrees of camber. So Since I have bought a set of BBS RM's which did look like this... They are now being powder coated purple and should hopefully be ready soon! I have also since bought 2" lips for the rear to make the wheels 8J. So the car has been lowered a fair bit more since and currently sits like this awaiting it's new wheels Awaiting on a chassis notch and then lower the front a tad more once my wheels are done and I will finally be somewhere! Any feedback appreciated
  7. Did you get them from a guy called thom by any chance in Redditch? These will look sweet against yellow Did you get them from a guy called thom by any chance in Redditch? These will look sweet against yellow
  8. Any more updates on this mate, Love the look of it on the grids!
  9. Muffin

    Bek's Lupo

    Wow that is clean!
  10. How so cheap! Sorry for all these these questions but sod it, how long have you held your license, how how many years ncb , and any named drivers? Just for info on dropping mine
  11. That's so useful thank you very much! I will be getting some of those then as mine seems to be missing all gromets! Yeah the parts i do need though are those pesky retainers as such
  12. I am just wondering if anyone knows if they are replacement parts as such but i am in need of some new door card clip holders, not the clips them selves but the tabs they sit into as over time of being yanked off some have given up completely. Any help but would greatly appreciated!
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