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  1. little updated photo On changing a few things now so will update with them soon.
  2. Some pics from first show of the year spring dubs... lots more to do!! I need to play about with my stance guna camber a tad more and get the whole thing down another half an inch had my notch done at the weekend will get some pics up of that soon.
  3. looked awesome mate.. I was stood pining over it for ages.
  4. Looks claner in pics than in real life haha
  5. just spacing and more lows. Then just subtle mods. and eventually want a blast over with spray to get it perfect.
  6. Thanks lads Spent Saturday fitting my seats properly. did a little shoot haha. then gave her a rub over should be getting spaced soon.. waiting to sort my arch's properly and get some camber so the back wheels tuck properly.
  7. she's on the road TTs sold. with spacers it scrubs at rear. with no spacers doesn't rub at all..
  8. few little updates Dentman came over this weekend and did a sweep of my car amazing how he just gets rid of horrible dents so easily!! Got the TT front seats in look awesome. going to have to retrim my doorcards etc again soon as they don't match rears are getting looked at next weekend. Replaced the horrible vented roof lip with a smooth one Plates finally swopped over decided to leave the plate recess instead of smoothing.
  9. Thanks man,, yea spring dubs, ultimate dubs, cumbriavag, vw festival and edition so far I think
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