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  1. get a magura on there, plenty of braking power
  2. Snap. You can buy a pack of around 20 at costco, made by eurow, they're only around £15 iirc. Read above.
  3. That's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back. You tit.
  4. Cheers fella, total head ache to do, nothing fitted without needing some form of modding, some more than others. But it's on now
  5. You mean this one? S3 does it for me.
  6. Very bad idea mate. Oh, and f*ck you picora.
  7. Dumfries is full of pubs mate. What made you say it was rough? Did you get trouble?
  8. kenzie


    the laughing cow does.....
  9. The Gorbles in Glasgow. Such a sh*t hole, still had fun though
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