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  1. Reg was FP51LBE. ( i think?) Sold it a while ago to a young lad who didn't keep it long, went to the Colchester area. Was a great little car just wondering if jts still going, or fallen in the wrong hands... It was is perfect condition when it left me. With around 80k Had the infamous audi TT seats and looked like so..... Just wondering if its out there.
  2. Dude if it was your car surly you'd be able to tell ?!?! All I done was take the private plate off!
  3. Anybody seen my old lupo?. The lad who brought it was from Colchester I believe, I'm having one of them days were I'm missing it. ! Only reason I sold it was so I can buy my golf and concentrate on my G Would love to know how the old girlmis getting on, I started to loose the love for it since buying the golf, hopefully it's been kept to the good standard I had for it!
  4. Yea I no, I'll have to get a picture of them tomorrow for ya bud
  5. No one?? There a stunning wheel!
  6. Set of 14x6 Compo TH's in White with blue Compomotive graphics in good nick, Good tread all round - £350 Collected from hertfordshire http://img.photobuck...lj/DSC01880.jpg Vauxhall offset properly better to contact me on 07795 278982
  7. This is my old car =( i sold it to a young chap in colcheser, and yes it was a 3L rear bumper !
  8. The seats? id rarther sell the whole car mate !
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