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  1. can you use the 1.4 tdi gearbox better built will last longer i know it wil be a pain setting up ratios but is it a possibility?
  2. wish i had that option, think i might take the garage up on its offer first thing
  3. Did you get it reconditioned? how much you looking for? i am consedring fitting it myself if i take this route but still undecided
  4. Thanks defcon for replying, was thinking repairing it you think £500 is a fair price for all labour parts etc?
  5. Hi guys just a quick question really, My bearing are going on the sport gearbox and i know i have to replace it, my question is would it be cheaper to go with my quote of £500 for all work and repairing my box or buy a second hand box get them to give that the once over and fit that instead decisions decisions any help will be appreciated thanks
  6. I am in Leeds, but (touch wood) the valve is sorted i took it for a nice motorway journey and havent had a repeat so fingers crossed its sorted now,
  7. I have the sport and lowered with the coiliovers, brilliant ride and most importantly adjustable worth the extra money in my mind can adjust if needs be
  8. Been lucky so far haven't had a repeat yet for over a week now, so lets hope it's sorted for know still going to take off and investigate the pipe work so lets see thanks for the replys people
  9. The code is showing flow insufficient and I cleaned it then bought and fitted a new valve completely with plenty of wd40 as lubrication is the key, think I need to get some compressed air and give the pipes a good blow what do you reckon
  10. I've got a code reader and switched the light off myself but after cleaning and changing no avail, been told you can get a remap that deletes the egr valve entirely therefore removing the fault codes and lights after blanking, getting tired of it know tho almost sold the lupo because its just on going
  11. Hello does anyone know how to blank the egr valve, after replacing mine and cleaning all the pipes and having the fault code still appear I've decided it's time to blank it anyone have any ideas thanks
  12. Think there should be a club lupo app anyone else agree?
  13. always a project though, you say it will wait it never does lol trust me
  14. It will defiantly be worth it shouldn't cost too much if its cosmetic, Check scrappers and ebay for bumbers etc you can always find a steal
  15. Cassidylupo

    Yellow lupo

    Spotted in Bramley Morrisons, i was in the green sport coming in
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