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  1. Well haven’t been on here for a while! Still have the lupo. It’s been in my garage for a year+ and ain’t moved. Hopefully get it out to play next year! Had a feature in PVW also which was cool.😎
  2. Few photos from trip to kultureshock?
  3. Superlaggeras are an awesome wheel however I think they look **** in 15” form. The latter are also nice looking wheels, however mims came up at a very low price so snapped them up. Have another 2 in gloss black that will be dedicated track wheels with slicks on etc in the future , wide splits will most likely be needing as I want to wide arch it.
  4. Kept forgetting to update this but car is now finished and back on the road!
  5. Bronze tints on the rear windows too
  6. Unfortunately there not mine but if you grab last months pvw, you can find out about there 4wd awesomeness
  7. Just need a turbo pipe made up then off for mapping. Deadline is for dubshed beginning of April so fingers crossed!
  8. Couple more photos Red lupo is the gf’s! Only 40k on the clock
  9. Dash flocked and back in, off to my work for paint now, then off to my pals garage to get the conversion finished off!
  10. Now you’re asking, iirc I took 65mm off overall length but then I ended up lengthening the o/s shsft too by about 30mm
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