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  1. Time to say goodbye to the arosa, it's been a fun couple of years with it but it is now being sold in favour of a volvo
  2. Few updates 1 I know a sticker is technically a modification but think it looks quite cool 2. Got metal heater control knob a polo cup holder and the starting of tt knee bars being fitted 3 started painting plastic trim pieces
  3. Wiper delete was an eBay job about £7.50 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291538760933 About 2 mm too shallow for the.arosa so just filed the edges down a tad. Put a bead of black silicone round the outside and pushed it in, I wedged cardboard tight behind it for an hour just to keep it all the way in while it dried
  4. Tt bars are fitted de wipered the rear boot build is nearly complete but I have to stop spending for a bit because other priorities have popped up. Doesn't mean I'm done by a long shot though
  5. Not been on for a while, Got a few new parts to fit this week. Including tt knee bars and auto headlights, will keep posted...
  6. Got bored this morning so I test fitted the wheels with centrecaps in place with the coilovers now they've settled
  7. Lost a little height since my last update didn't realise how much till I parked next to this
  8. I want to find out and compile a list of parts that are interchangeable with the lupos and arosas from other vag products
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