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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates things have been moving slow, I still havnt revived my wheels they should be here soon. ive now fitted a set of ek9 recaro seats, red door cards, Cambridge rear lights, new splitter, honeycombed grills, scuttle panel and interior trim gloss black. Heres some pictures from the shoot I had last week.
  2. I finally got the Lupo back i couldn't be happier with the colour
  3. Yeah near £6000 and it had 8k miles on the clock
  4. The Lupo is having a few changes here's how it looks now, will all be revealed in the next couple of days
  5. I was looking for a red one the one he had there was way past my budget
  6. Yeah he stocks them all the time he must he making a decent profit on them
  7. Yep wheels sold the day after ultimate stance, it's still gonna be low just changing a lot of things to give it a new look ready for UD17
  8. Thankyou I've sold these wheels now they won't suit the look I'm going for
  9. Ultimate stance was the last show of the year and a good one as always here's some pictures of the loop. also I've big plans for the lupo over the winter, I'll keep everyone posted
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