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  1. Why do you say this? I am trying to help you! Have your fixed the problem? It was a suggestion, something for you to try to solve the issue you have.
  2. Worth changing water temp sensor and thermostat.
  3. Indeed..... i have a stock Blacksmoke 100hp map a modified map with about 110hp, but you need a good clutch for the latter.
  4. I did mine myself. Very easy to do and excellent results ?
  5. I have a load of random bit left from my Tdi all off a working car. if any are of any use then pm me and I can post them to you??
  6. Yeah I would invest in a lead and VCDS. I bought a cheap reader and although it seemed to work, it didn't detect any codes.
  7. Check it goes smoothly into 3rd gear with no crunches. Do several quick 2-3rd shifts to be sure
  8. wehey

    Tdi Breaking

    No sorry, only a few scraps left now
  9. wehey

    Tdi Breaking

    Only a few bits left I'm afraid. Alternator, turbo pipes .turbo, intercooler, abs pump, engine mounts, battery tray, dials, a few sensors, door panels, air vents. Thats about it
  10. It's an app called "Road Trip"
  11. I have for sale my lovely Seat Arosa 1.4 Tdi I have had the car for nearly a year and have carried out loads of work to make it the great car it is today. It's cheap to run and I get 60mpg all year round and only £0.08p per mile (see attached photo proof) Only £30 road tax and cheap to insure. It does have a remap to 110 hp but I can put the standard 75 hp map back onto it if you want. Current mileage is 131K but these engines are fantastic and easily make it past 200K without problems. Just change the oil religiously every 7K and it will last you forever.
  12. Blimey that must have taken a lot of typing. Took me 5 mins just to scroll to the bottom. Nice car ? I have always wanted one of these
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