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  1. Hi all Recently joined and asked advice on the input shaft seal which returned excellent replies. Well the seal has been done, and holding oil nicely. Took the door card off to find out why the door pop up button didn't seem right and was pleasantly surprised to find a central locking kit had been fitted previously but the wires had obviously been fouling the window and so one had been pulled out hence no central locking. Reconnected it and made sure it was clear and now it works again. A nice little bonus. Fitted a new exhaust as its the daughter's first car and the straight through pipe probably wouldn't have helped her insurance! Fitted a reverse cam too as she's used to one in her learner car. Got oil, plugs and filters on the way. And finally got new tyres and wheels on today. Thanks for having me here, it's been a great club for info so far. Hope you like the pic Cheers everyone!
  2. Well I replaced the seal today and so far so good. Apart from being a bit of a faff to get the old one out it went pretty well. Shaft looked ok too so I greased the new seal up and knocked it in square with a socket. I'll see how it goes when it's warmed up as that's when it seems to drop the most oil but for now I'm happy. Thanks everyone for your help so far
  3. That's great advice. Thanks 👍
  4. Brilliant, thanks guys. I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes. Did anyone ever settle on which gearbox oil was best to refill with? Standard or the heavier stuff? It's on 58000 miles so shouldn't be over stressed. Thanks again
  5. Hi all, new member here. My daughter's Arosa has the pretty common oil leak from the gear selector shaft so I thought I'd replace the seal. Is it an easy job? I'll drain the gearbox and replace obviously but how easy is it to remove the seal? And do I remove it around the shaft? Thanks guys and girls
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