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    Thanks man, I'll give him a nodd. I went to Saitama in Japan last year to witness the mountain drifts - and ALL of them have those little rain protectors on so brought back a pair. Think it's a nice accompaniment to the wind deflectors.
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    im using an app to track my fuel economy for fun. to a tank i am getting 340 miles with an average spend of £32-£34 . i am getting real world figures of 58-61mpg. My commute is 18miles of twisty,hilly roads, and then 15miles of motorway sat at 65-70mph. so 35miles ish each way. forgot to add i have a 2004 Lupo SDI , 147k miles, standard car with an engine light on
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    Welcome to club lupo! Lots of pics of before and after please. Good satisfying stuff restoring a Lupo back to mint...
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    I've never quite understood the "bidet" removal on our cars, the wiper lies flat so what's the problem
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    Relatively low mileage for mine, 1.7 sdi y reg on 145k.
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