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    Fixing my Arosa Pedal Box - making it look right but not ricer - drunken boxing

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  1. Thanks man, I'll give him a nodd. I went to Saitama in Japan last year to witness the mountain drifts - and ALL of them have those little rain protectors on so brought back a pair. Think it's a nice accompaniment to the wind deflectors.
  2. Yeh don't worry, my arse remembers the ride quality. Might do springs. But none of this can be done with out the pedal box sorted out first....someone give Rich a prod.
  3. I like the clean and smoothed option with these cars. But also, I plan to have a business posted on my rear window and given it'll be a vinyl sticker, I didn't want to have that moment where I hit my rear wiper and in the process remove my contact details! and for the sake of style, I'll keep the door pins. But truly appreciate the heads up so thank you bro! Do you know any good names for second-hand coilovers? The Ebay ones have changed quite a bit in price since I had my lupo....
  4. Hello all, Thought I'd properly introduce myself and my reason for being here. Only had her for 3 months but slowly getting there. She's had more work under the bonnet than outside, mind I have started with a few keys pieces to start out her look from stock. So far: - Wiper delete - Euro metal pressed plates - Audi style side indicators (the cool moving LED ones) - Bee sting Ariel - Poolball gear knob + self made matching door pins. - Wind deflectors + rain protectors for side mirrors - Lupo rear light switch As to do: - Coilovers + some watanabe style wheels (15"x8J). I'll want to do a lug nut adaption and then have extended red lugs. Haven't seen it yet so can't wait to see it on mine. - Wooden riveted steering wheel + Boss kit - Rear window tint (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) - Double DIN with up to date sound system (will probably swap spare tyre for sub) - Attach polo 6n cup holders - fix odd broken bits in interior + change head lining I have also got organised a respray as there is quite a bit of flaking but also just to have a final bit. Make her look brand new as I'll be using the original LP3G Flash Rot....once all work above is done... Pedal box is first though.....damn you Arosa and your pedal box.
  5. Just South of the centre - Holbeck - A1 -M62 -M621 Thank you man, we'll pick this up next week so you can enjoy the New Year! I'll be waiting on a bit of coin. I notice the RAC have a service where they can take your car for repairs, deliver it anywhere in the UK and cost £15 (just remembering to cancel the contract after) - https://www.rac.co.uk/breakdown-cover/uk-breakdown-1?cid=ppc-GOOGLE-BP - UKB - RAC Roadside - EX-rac roadside rescue&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuPCYkY7g5gIVCrDtCh3tOg55EAAYASAAEgJES_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&mboxSession=5ba4dde789114faf891903c328ee505f&adobe_mc_sdid=SDID%3D7C374BB22046A9DD-50A2FC1F40A44F8B|MCORGID%3D6797C27A57DFC4097F000101%40AdobeOrg|TS%3D1577803438&adobe_mc_ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F Going to read the small print tho. Thank you again for getting back to us and will be in touch next week.
  6. Actually, leave this with me and let me know what dates could work for you. I'm going to go scheme a plan.
  7. I'll fight anyone he needs and pay for his dancers for a night.
  8. You're on the same path as I, that definitive pedal box thread was how I diagnosed it in the first place, it's pure brilliance. Got myself geared up to do the dash and steering column - just putting it out there and seeing if a welder on here will hear the call. Given, I bet they'll make lunch meat out of this issue if they've done it before, thus saving cost, helping me as my boxing days are long behind me. The question is where, brother? Maybe, who?
  9. Fresh out in Flash red, I had it all in my 1 Litre. But then, I was struck down, down.....dooown. My Seat Arosa Mk2 2003 1.0L has gone and followed it's brothers and broken its god-daaamn pedal box. Now I know you feel my pain, brothers & sisters, you've felt it for too long. And that's why I neeed you to rally together, brothers & sisters. Bring forth the love in which you can suggest, quote and help a brother out. I'm Emanuel Augustus IBA Light Welterweight Champion 2004 and my pedal box clutch pedal is busted and it needs welding. Thank you.
  10. I hear this mans cry and I too join his hunt. As alas, my 2003 mk2 Arosa has also broken it's pedal box. Where you at brother?
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