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    Hey welcome - what code number keeps coming back?
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    Enjoying the bank holiday with a good clean.
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    Biodiesel is not veggie oil (SVO). Basically the oil portion of straight veggie oil is only about 80% (from memory). The rest is made up of glycerols, fatty acids, protiens, sugars and aromas. Veggie oil diesters, or biodiesels are purified SVO, with only the oil component remaining. All the non combustible products have been removed. The problem is that when you have a hot engine, the non-combustible portion of the SVO gets slowly cooked inside the injector and then turns into a plastic like substance. With newer diesel injectors that use tiny holes instead of a jet, they get clogged with this sticky stuff- game over. That's why most dual fuel systems need to have a purge before you switch off the engine so that no SVO is left in the injection system. Usually starting the changover about 3-5 minutes before parking up.
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    The oil around spark plugs may just be overspill from topping up oil. The cam box under the filter/cover acts as a funnel to the spark plugs. Do a few hundred miles and pull a plug to see if it’s still oily. sump plug is easily cross threaded as it’s alloy, I wouldn’t say ha4d life, just exposed to more ham fisted maintenance. Thats really unusual for the foam membrane to still be intact on such a high mile car! Tearing is what the animals do - you can cut access openings into it and tape it up.
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    GSF had a Good Friday sale on so picked all this for just £35! And that's where the good stuff ends... Started off replacing the air and cabin filter. Looking at the comparisons below, they don't look like they've been changed for a very very long time or ever! And this is where hell starts😂😓 So I then started to change the spark plugs, the first one was on very very tight so I had to get a longer ratchet in order to get it off. This is the first sign that this engine has had a very hard life! And when it finally was out, the plug was drowning in oil! I believe that the seal/gasket needs replacing or there is a crack in a valve but from looking on here and physically, it looks like the belt needs to come off to sort this. So unfortunately this is a job which isn't going to be done anytime soon since I'm keen to do it myself since it is a project car but I don't have the knowledge currently and don't know anybody with an automotive background for guidance! Going to have to wait a few years until I have time to jump on a Btec course or find an alternative way of learning😓 Since the spark plugs were drowning in oil, I decided to drain the car. I would love to know who worked on this car before I owned it! The sump plug was cross threaded so a lot of patience was needed to get this off. Another sign that this engine/car has had a very hard life! Can't say I'm a happy bunny as I know there are going to be plenty of other difficult jobs incoming due to the bad workmanship previously done on this car such as the rear wiper hose but oh well. At least I'm learning and it's going towards something great😀😍 After a lot of searching online, I couldn't find suitable sound deadening which was for a reasonable price so just decided to dry the originals. I then decided to try and sort the driver's electric window. From moving the passenger side window cables to the drivers side switch and it working, I know it isn't the driver's switch at fault which says to me there is a fault with the window motor. There is no clicking noise from the motor when the driver's switch is pressed. But I didn't want to start a job and leave it unfinished as mk2 rightfully said above, the grey foam is for waterproofing and I would need to rip it out to access the motor. This job will be for another day when I've managed to find some radiator backing and bought a new motor😁 Interior is back together again now at least!
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    Treatment for the collapsed cat came from Kam Racing. Catless headers followed by 2,5¨ Bastuck catback.
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    Thank you all for support!😀 Very productive day on the GTI, can finally say that the rear washer fluid is now finally working after nearly a week of being clueless! Turns out one of the previous owners had cut the washer fluid hose and knotted it for some reason... Very annoying that it was such a simple thing which I never bothered to check but oh well, lesson learnt😃 The section of pipe going through the firewall looked like a pain to pull out so a trip to Halfords to buy some additional washer fluid hose, and then I joined the missing sections of hose together. Job done! Nearly... The 90 degree pipe which is connected to the wiper motor was firing water all over the boot so that was ripped out and that was replaced with some normal washer hose. Water comes out now but the valve needs adjusting as it just sprays water at pedestrians but that's for another day😂 Next job, repairing the engine cover. Just used a hot glue gun for the time being as a temporary fix until I see a one for sale at a reasonable price. Although the repaired one does fit very nicely. I know I said I wanted to keep it looking factory but I had to😓 Painted the handles black and removed all the rubbery parts off the door trim. Not a bad job but if the paint doesn't hold up however, I will end up wrapping them black instead. Finally, gutted the interior as much as possible and gave it a good clean! So far found 2 raisins, 6p and a smoked cigarette😂 To say one of the owners used to smoke in this car, I wouldn't have been able to tell aside from a cig burn in the rear seat and a dirty headliner like it doesn't smell of it at all. Have side indicators and Quantum 5w40 on order! So giving it a service will be happening soon😀
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    So, another set of wheels. I have been wanting these for a very long time. Enkei RPF1. They are currently grey but i will be changing them to Silver in the future. They came with new near Toyo T1R’s which I hate but i will run them for a few weeks before they come off. Well happy with how they look though! Also, i go to the Nürburgring tomorrow! So i’ll update this after the trip!
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    A non modifier/restorer... you'll be popular on here! Same as me. sounds like a complete respray will be needed. Most of the items are relatively easy to sort. I'm curious why the steering is off, but could be as simple as tyres or pressures? If the driver's seat is worn, do what I do and source a passenger seat cover from Ebay germany. Passenger seats once cleaned come up like brand new. Go here- https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0 we have a few german members on here that might be willing to help,for a few extra euros oh, and welcome to CL!
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    No real big updates lately, I fitted some Ferodo DS1.11's a week ago, after using the DS2500's with the standard calipers and always being pleased with them I thought i'd try the next step up and go for the 1.11's. First impressions are really good, even on the road. The initial bite is something i've never felt before in any car. The car weighing only 920kg obviously helps but they really do stop the car well now. I go to the Nurburgring on Easter weekend so only a few weeks away, they will get a proper test there! Other than that i've just been enjoying the car in the nice weather recently. I'll leave some pictures below.
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    Odd that it’s not giving you a code - I know some code readers won’t properly clear critical safety faults such as breaking or air bags. Clone VCDS cables can be had pretty cheap on eBay and hopefully will drill down into the problem.
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