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    25mm just to be safe lol
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    Treat the wheels/tyres (rolling radius) as a kind of final cog/gear. The OD makes a decent difference.
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    this is what im thinking maybe ill try get these on in the next fue weeks
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    Engine back running sweet as a nut, just having abit of paint then time for new parts over winter
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    Have a look in events and Ireland ,wales and West Country and there's a meet being organised
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    Have you thought of changing it for something more economical, like an M5 or something?
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    Reekie Linn Falls 2 by taitalan, on Flickr
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    White vinyl wrap, with this sticker on the tailgate FTW
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    Finally I have put some work into my car, as stated above i purchased the exhaust and from day one, my plan of getting some bbs's has now finally been completed. The exhaust gives the car a nice tone, and i am pleased with the purchase although i may consider purchasing a straight through so i can get lower on the back (see pic) So here is how my car is sitting right now! In the next few weeks i will be buying a new set of coilovers and the back will be dropping as much as i can but obviously with the exhaust on i dont think i will be able to get extremely low. After exterior has been completed i will be challenging my interior so keep an eye on this thread! Thanks matty
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    Haven't updated this in a while but this is how she sits at the moment Not got too many more plans at the moment but contemplating the rear drum to disk conversion
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    Osc now has four brand new tyres on - Also have him a good clean! xx
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    Just a few pictures off my phone
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    parking eye did a very nice gesture in sending me a lovely picture of my car, how nice of them

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