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  1. Was told today it could be a 'fuel inertia switch' does anyone know if an arosa has one of these and if so where is it located
  2. there's a scangauge 2 which is physically larger and shows 4 values instead of 2 like this small version. i'm thinking it could be a fuse which is causing no power to be sent to the gauge
  3. It was working when i had it plugged into my laptop a few days ago, seems as if it doesn't like the scangauge, quite annoying
  4. Just got myself a scangauge e to measure my mpg, I tried it in my arosa and it wouldn't even turn on, I tried it in my sisters citreon c2 and it worked fine. Anyone have any ideas why it isn't working?
  5. heard a lot of issues regarding injector wiring issues and also glow plugs so gunna change the glow pugs first as they're cheap, if the problem persists then injectors it is
  6. recently my arosa has been very difficult to start after turning it off and leaving it for a few minutes, it just keeps turning over and not starting, i was also driving yesterday and it just cut out. Ran diagnostics today and got 17672 PD Injector unit: cylinder 2 regulation range exceeded could this be causing my issues or is that irrelevant ?
  7. looks like the one that was on ebay for iirc £1600
  8. anyone on here use any of the lesser known racing sims on pc. Rfactor iRacing Live For Speed GTR 2 GT Legends Been playing them a few years on pc, mainly live for speed, would be neat to race online sometime with some people from CL. my setup:
  9. Few things in november, Got some HID xenon lights for it after a bulb blew 12 months MOT after it failed on wheel bearing, rear shock and a track rod end Also gave him a name 'Harold'
  10. nice little motor you got there, really like the interior work
  11. Brt900

    Spotted in Preston

    i've seen your loop round quite a bit, and i'm from wigan but am studying motorsport at uclan
  12. Spotted 2 lupos in Preston today, a yellow one lowered on black wheels near the library and Adelphi and a red one on the ring way
  13. my cars decided it's doing movember
  14. absolutly stunning, great work!
  15. i knew i'd uploaded the unedited version damn it XD
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