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  1. Managed a whole tank in 100miles was my fault tho.... Flat out down the motorway :L
  2. My old wagon on 13" ats pepperpots with 60profile and fk height sports
  3. Coilovers can be £200 upwards depending if you want it low and handle shoddy or more expensive for both, but I would go black and white if I got a lupo again, have some fun and mod to your own budget and enjoy it.
  4. But coilovers are £££ compared to lupo's and a re-spray is my main priority lol
  5. Abit of teething problems but maby get a 1.8 and supercharge it or just slam and poke not sure :/
  6. I can't stop smiling guys!!! Feel bad for my little Lola tho!! Seen her bouncing down the road and shed a little tier :')
  7. It's the only mx5 that counts it's a monza so 90bhp but needs a really good da polish and maby a respiratory depending on how much paints left!!! As its gone like red does (bland and loosing colour) British racing green ****not a respiratory !! Bloody iPhone respray!**
  8. Well was supposed to pick it up on p/x today but bloody lock need fixing so I'm picking it up Monday now, but it goes like a dream (haven't pushed it yet) other half was in the car and he doesn't like it when I drive fast :L I will miss her but ill prob get a another after the magic wears off so ill be back!!!!!!
  9. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=150682499799&index=0&nav=SEARCH&nid=52831649238 Can only use once as they bend.....alot
  10. Not in melksham LOL in Swansea we should do something soon as the wagon might go under the knife over winter
  11. Have a look in events and Ireland ,wales and West Country and there's a meet being organised
  12. The first years always going to be £££££ or if your like me and took almost a year to pass and take a policy out in your name then you can ern no claims bonus and should help as my corsa was £1400 then lupo this year with 2years driving and 3years no claims was £600
  13. Depends on a lot of things!!!!! -postcode -claims/conv -car -job -named drivers -excess amount Get quotes and find out.
  14. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=360484002185&index=3&nav=SEARCH&nid=09029461799 Soo bargin low price
  15. Depends if its classed as a classic, considering not many we're sold when first brought out, I would think it might be but there is always that chance that nothing will be worth more as cars develop.... I mean we could be driving hover cars in 20years time
  16. Haha can't do any Sundays in November as silly me dissides to work :/
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