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Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*


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Looking good buddy! I had a set of Teledials in pink, sold them on straight though away haha!

They'll look really nice polished and I was going to do mine. Either polished or something shiny! :D

Thank you :) Can't wait to see the result of them! Definitely going for something shiny haha!

Do them flat red, color code the mirrors and stripe the lower side of the doors - gt3 rs style :shades:

Don't be so silly Dan :roflmao:

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Made some decent progress on the teledials today! Whoever had the wheels previously could not drive very well :ermm:

Curb marks are awful!!!

But I went from this...


To this...


Still a lot more to be done before they get sprayed. :yes:

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No real update. Just decided to make good use of the weather and take some photos of my car. :)

I got rid of most of the curbing on the Porsche wheels now so hopefully they'll be sprayed and on the car within a few weeks if all goes to plan.

Need rid of these wheels.



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So the wheel refurb was going really well, all curb marks filled or wet sanded away. The wheel was completely prepped for primer... When i applied the paint it reacted with existing paint on the wheel after 10 mins :(





I'd taken a lot of time and effort to prep the wheels and wasn't up for doing it all again but down to bare metal.

So after it reacted I decided to get them done properly haha :innocent: Dropped them off in Manchester at 'The Wheel Specialist'

It's a shame they didn't work out but they're gonna look sooooo good in the colour I chose :shifty::shades:

Got 25mm adapters on the way and from my calculations they should look pretty good!(fingers crossed) Also need to trim my rear arch lips as they'll rub a bit.

Looking forward to UD :thumbup:

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Wheels are back from being powder-coated :thumbup:

Adapters, Wheel nuts and locking nuts all arrived too :)

Im so impressed with the refurb and the quality of powder coat!





The wheels are on but I'm just sorting out the fitment. So i'll upload photos of them on the car as soon as i've sorted that :)

Thanks for looking, Adam :thumbsup:

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Not had much chance to get some good photos of the wheels on the car so these will have to do for now :)

Really happy with how it looks! Now just to spend the next 3 days cleaning the car for Ultimate Dubs :)



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those wheels :clap: very nice

Really nice.. Good choise

Thanks guys :)

Well Ultimate Dubs this weekend was amazing. Everything I expected it to be. So many incredible Lupos have given me so much inspiration to keep going with mine. :thumbup: Met some awesome people too :)

Took around 300 photos and they turned out amazing! These are a few photos I took of mine from UD.




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quality that!! wish i wasnt doing my dissertation i was planning on going to UD. you taking it to volkfest sanddown? fancy seeing the creation

Yeah UD was really good! I've never heard of that show if I'm honest.

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Not updated in a while!

Recently picked up a set of OEM roof bars which i've always been after. Look quite cool and also useful for when I want to use my bike.



Got the rear to sit a lot lower than what it was which I'm happy about. Just need the front to come down a bit to match. A chassis notch may be needed.

With some very very short springs and rolling the arch lips me and my mate managed to get it to sit like this. :)


Next up is to have some bodywork smoothed over and to start on the interior.

Thanks, Adam :)

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