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  1. haha this is the first car that i see with the same wheels, yaaay
  2. Got some new pictures, it's finally looking good. needs only some spacers a
  3. does anyone else think that the window in mcdrive is way too high?
  4. so I finally gave him a proper hand wash today, the first since I got him, and it made me feel really low. the paint is in a lot worse shape than I thought. Iwill have to destroy my hands on it i am planning to use clay and then this hopefully it will suffice.. anyway, some cleaned photos
  5. it looks reeealy nice and low, but aren't you having problems on bumpbs with the rear?
  6. i couldn't stand it and had to change things immediately new goodies for mr bear and old jack was needed to be put in action, because it wouldn't go off the one they use usually. it went down bout 2cms and this is how it looks now. tomorrow I will lower the car some more, it looks really strange now
  7. wow man i really love what you did with the car, awesome colour, rarely seen, as mine
  8. and here are some better photos from the meeting too. to be honest i never really loved this cas, but it surprised me in many ways, I tried to take good care of it and I have to say it was a really good one. Now it is with it's new owner.
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