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  1. Polo 6n or 6n2 seats how to get them fitting in lupo?
  2. So my 6 days consisted of losing the bid on eBay for arb Vw telling me the front arb been on back order for up to 5 week! The lad who 'sold' me the braces mistook someone else for me and sold them... Arse. So had to build car back up as got a lovely long weekend away in the lakes from my girlfriend for my birthday So clutch done everything built back up new exhaust centre pipe and flexi made up! Started the car eventually... No throttle. Great. Crawled it to a local garage on tick over 2.5 miles away... Took for ever! 7 codes all to do with throttle body basically. Between me and the mechanic had a good check over found a wire trapped between starter motor and bell housing! Just nipped the wires for crankshaft sensor! Soooo all top half of back of engine off to replace crank sensor! Left that with my dad today as im now back at work! Boring updates I know but this stuff needs To be done!!!
  3. How do the rear Coilovers feel? Great modification! I've never seen it
  4. £450 off the car but you can't guarantee a perfect colour match with silver wings should really be blended in to doors. £700 is a decent quote really from a professional bodyshop I could do it March April time £600 if you're not far from me WF10
  5. I love those wheels keep them for winters at least
  6. As title says going round airedale rings about 12 today
  7. Add me on Facebook im planning on having them off by Friday so I'll get em cleaned up ready for sale by weekend
  8. Not completely sure I think I had my arosa about 110mm down on them but don't take my word check specs
  9. If there in good condition and adjustable probably £90 ono Believe there ta TECHNIX
  10. What colour? If you want them painted off the car I'll do it for £450
  11. Sourced a front and rear upper strut braces be picking them up Thursday!! Currently bidding or a rear whiteline anti roll bar on eBay and decided to purchase a new front gti anti roll bar from vw Well dropping subframe the captive nuts that are in the chassis leg broke of the weld so had to cut open and get my mate to re weld it in place! So cars still in pieces! Luckily I have works van so decided I may aswell get the coilovers switched over next week well I have 6 days off coming up Luckily my friends a great welder but you can clearly see the car is cruddy underneath! Ill get more pictures sunday!
  12. Jeez you're miles away! Just some ta technix
  13. Welcome! If it's not been done Id be getting it done ASAP! Lower and keep it clean lupos are a great looking car standard bar that massive arch gap! Be selling some coilovers in next few week if you're local to me
  14. AdamGill

    Anti roll bars.

    Believe the sport anti roll bar is 20mm? The gti is 21mm? The h&r is 21mm? I have a sport just wondering what's worth getting do I try source a gti one or go all out get an aftermarket one or just get original one painted and get new bushes? Help me out please
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