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How To: Diesel Purge your Lupo (the right way!!)

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Quick How To for Diesel Purge. For anyone who tells you that this **** doesn't work, have a look at the final photo. I had to scrub that off the drive today, and it was thick gunky filth. The car now drives much better, idles smoother, should have slightly better economy, picks up quicker, basically, I cannot think of any reason not to do this. Just be careful and you won't make the mistake I did (got air in the lines). Luckily fixing it wasn't hard and the car now drives wonderfully. This can also prolong the life of your injectors. It's all win basically. All in all, the kit cost less than £15 and the can of diesel purge was about £9. All of the kit is reusable, so doing this once a year is a really cheap bit of preventative maintenance.

Diesel purge is an ethanol based solution (I guess) that burns hotter so cleans your injectors. Apparently thrashing the nuts off it does the same, but considering I give it a fair boot every so often I'm surprised at how much crap came out the exhaust... 113k miles of built up crap. Some people say you can pour this stuff into your fuel tank, or fill up your fuel filter with it, but the way stated here runs it neat and guarantees the best clean from the product.

Anyway, this is what you need:


Diesel Purge:

Numerous sellers on eBay, just pick one.

1/4 Clear Fuel Pipe ID 6mm


Fuel Hose Splice: You need 5/18 (8mm bore) size.


Universal In-Line Fuel Filter:


Container for Diesel Purge, I used a 4 litre milk tub that I cut the top off with scissors. Might be worth using something a little more cylindrical though. Pop bottle perhaps? Make sure it's dry!

Kettle + Mug + Water

I'm going to assume you have this already

You need to cut a piece roughly 22 inches long off the end of your clear pipe. This is for the return. Then cut a piece thats 8 inches long, and a piece thats about 10-12 inches long, this will be for the fuel supply. Boil the kettle, pour the water in the mug. Take the end of the tubing for the return line and dip it in so it becomes very flexible, then put a fuel hose splice on it. It's tight but it does go and we don't want it to be loose anyway! Now do the same for the fuel supply but also put the fuel filter in, make sure you have the fuel filter away from the diesel purge as it gets hot. Make sure it's the right way round. You're going to get something like this:


OK, boom. Pop the bonnet and let's get cracking. Disconnect the return line first by moving the spring loaded clips, I found it easier doing the return line first but each to their own. Connect the splice to the return line and find a suitable place to hang the container.


I used a bungee to suspend it but if you have a mason jar you could just hook the metal clip into any of the many gaps under the bonnet. Disconnect the fuel supply, you should get a teeny bit splurt out as you, that's fine. Connect it to the other of the two splices. Look at the photo below to see how it looks, this is how it needs to look okay!! If it doesn't, you've done something wrong!!!!


Pour the diesel purge in your container. Start the car, give it thirty seconds, then rev it up to about 2000 revs and hold it for 2 or 3 minutes just to warm it a bit then start really putting your foot down. I redlined it three times and as I did it, **** splurted out the exhaust. If you have a friend who is very nice, get them to stand behind as you do it and this is why, most tutorials say that you should run till the end of the diesel purge (or just before) but that's what I did and I still got air in the system. It's simple, once there's no more crap coming out the exhaust, that's it... it's clean. Stop. If you redline it three times for about five seconds, you will almost certainly clear any crap out, but that's why it's worth having someone standing behind while you do it. Once you know it's clean, you can stop and not have to go through the rigmarole I did. The rest you can put into your fuel tank.


0gu3.jpgIt was windy, tape helped hold the tubes :D

Once you're done, reconnect the fuel line. I've been told you should drive it for a week or two then change your oil, so this is a good thing to do a week before a service ;) Basically though, cycle a tank of fuel before the oil change. Just to be safe.

Finally, this is the mess that was left on my drive afterwards:


Who was it that said Diesel Purge is just a con and does nothing? All in all, this was a really cheap simple little service extra and makes a car thats 113k miles old feel like it's had a brand new engine.

Tip: If you do ignore my warning and get air in, like I did, there's a bleed valve under the engine cover. Whip the cap off and crank the engine until diesel splurts out then put the cap back on.

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Strange that the pics have gone. I might not have backups hmm. I'll see what I can do

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Crap. I'll have a look asap.

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I think I've got them on an old laptop. I can look tonight.

Dead straightforward though. I've done it on a few cars since.

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