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Bouncy Bouncy Hydro's On! - Dan's Black Lupo 1.0 *Almost Finished Sportster!*

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How much are we talking?

£2500 give or take |:



hows it ride? can you pre set/adjust your ride height?

it rides much the same as coilovers, as you get higher up it rides a lot harsher, but its nice, and no you can't do presets, and there's no way of knowing how high you are, that's the downside of hydo's, but I guess i'll learn how many switch flicks are what height etc as I go along

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I figured I'd best get one of these started seeing as I've had the lupo for nearly 2 years now! bought her back in september 2011, already lowered with sport wheels, tinted windows and a spoiler, pic

Yeah so it lasts a fair while!

So not a lot has happened to the lupo, mainly because ive been saving for a new toy! Been after a bike for ages and finally got one, its an '05 883 sportster, 20k miles which is a moderate amount b

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So not much has happened really! Still need to get a video of it, but i've just ordered my new steering wheel! Wanted a momo team 280 since i bought the car but never had the money spare so i thought why not! Shall be here in the week and fitted next weekend!

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Hello and welcome! it was expensive, but worth the look on peoples faces when you dump it, ive been asked if I 'know my car's just fell on the floor' I can sort that tomorrow evening for you! Its filthy at the moment, and the back isn't really low enough, due to pokey wheels but ohwell!

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