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  1. you sure its not catching on the runner where the belt it have a look
  2. i personally think you should buy my lupo
  3. wicked wheres them lows at?
  4. id advise you just buy another drive shaft wouldnt be worth the hassle can get one from the scrappy for about £25
  5. im living in glenrothes at the moment but the lupo is back home
  6. Muffin, fancy being a darling and doing a how to on your camber
  7. thanks for the reply i think ill push it back on the to do list, as its summer
  8. thought id post up see if anyone is interested, this sunday http://www.outdoorshows.co.uk/yorkshire-modified-car-show.html
  9. this needs some serious updating but it just wont let me upload pictures anymore
  10. so the other day i bought the above and my lupo has standard seats and they are not heated, i know how to fit the golf seats but im just working about the heated seats part of things, how hard? what do you need to do? regards
  11. the rear bench you have to re trim your old seats with the new seats its okay if you handy with a sewing machine
  12. by the looks of it its a universal armrest ive seen them on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARMREST-CENTRE-CONSOLE-VW-POLO-LUPO-/270809194639?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f0d7c608f
  13. are you going to fit the rears
  14. shearermax

    My Lupo!

    when it changes just spray it works a treat also get a hack saw and cut the thread down
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