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Hey guys! Was on here before when I was rather immature with what I did and acted! But I've grown up and now the cars much better!

Anyway! Heres how it all started..

Picked it up from my work with 24000 on the clock


Then fitted coilovers :-)


Then heated up the sides and removed the bumpstripes


Then wound the coilovers right down..


Then had some carbon wrap lying around so put it on the centre console


And thats it so far!!

Got alloys being refurbed as we speak so will be on next week sometime :-)

Also fitted a LCR front splitter so will get a pic up when I've got time!

Thanks for looking!

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Doesn't look like the coilies go down very far but I suppose Foxes do start very high to begin with lol ;) What wheels you gone for?

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This is coming together nicely, agreed on the black rims.

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Hey, how did you change the gearknob, and where did you buy the one that is in the car? I'm looking to change mine to something a bit plusher, and yours looks good!

Cheers :)

Simples really! Just lift the gaiter up and it reveals a wee clip you have to cut off at the bottom of the actual gear knob, then replace it :-)

Got it from my work, its just a 5 spd knob from a mk6 golf :-)

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looks tidy. maybe space the rear a tad?

don't spray them black though. look quite OEM at them moment, spray they black and it looks like you're trying to hard

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Right update time!

Not much has really happened though as had to be doing other stuff lately but without floating my own boat here but the cars getting some attention up where I stay Haha.

The one thing I have done is started to tart up the engine bay in red as its my favourite colour really Haha, will get a pic up later on :-)

Heres a couple more pics of the car ...



Since then, the hids have been removed and standard lights put in place as got pulled over by the police and fined 30 pounds for having 'illegal' hids fitted :-(

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looks tidy. maybe space the rear a tad?

don't spray them black though. look quite OEM at them moment, spray they black and it looks like you're trying to hard

Yeah thats next on the cards, space out the rear then maybe add some camber for a wee bit extra stance...

As for the wheels, yeah probably will leave them silver, maybe go gunmetal grey though?

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  • 2 months later...

Right guys! Been a while so need to update this!

Bad news, the engine decided to make babies with itself and splurge oil everywhere :(

So I followed my gut instinct and bought a 1.8 turbo lump, but ain't gonna fit it for a while anyway cause I need the car up and running asap so just ordered a new sump for the 1.2 lump justnow :)

Also funds are stopping the conversion go ahead :(

Pics to follow

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First update of the rebuild..

Decided on just keeping the wee 1.2 engine and take a different approach while building the engine back up,

So took all the bolts off the rocker cover and began polishing them!

Here's a before and after shot..


Gonna polish up as much as the engine as possible :)

Also ordered some new fuel injectors as the one in the engine had been contaminated with diesel :/ never ever have I put diesel in my car so must have been sainsbury who put the wrong fuel in the tank :( gutted


Sorry for the bad photo quality :(

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Only worked on the car for like 10 mins lastnight so only got some cosmetic stuff done, took the front seats out as awaiting arrival of new ones! Chucked the car on axle stands at the rear and painted the rear drums black, if anyone paints them a bright colour they deserve to be beaten with a stick, just saying..



Clearance shot for some giggles


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Ah my fox buddy! haha shame to hear it blew up!

scott was telling me, im still a 1.2! aha

its looking great! as usual mines still looks like rubbish as i never have time to clean it and evans halshaw cant polish for ****!

Good luck with the new engine!

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Quick question, where can i purchase that splitter. I despise how high the front bumper is, or if anyone knows of dffernt aplitters that fit? Eg vr6 splitter. Thanks.

Its a seat leon cupra R front splitter mate, can get off the internet, ebay is usually the best bet! Or from a seat dealership, only cost me 27.99 but I had staff discount!

probably around the £31 pound mark for yourself mate.

And the only other thing I can think of is the actual ABT front splitter which was available on the Volkswagen site/dealerships, but havnt seen or heard of them since foxes stopped production. Probably a few floating around the internet too! Haha

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Well, coilovers went 100mm, so I then removed the helper springs and cut the actual coil springs so im gonna say near the 150mm mark?

I really, seriously dont recommend this though! Haha

How much did removing the helper springs lower the car? Did it ruin the ride at all? Would like to know, thanks :)

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Been a while since I updated this but it will sadly be the last as the car is no longer mine.

It suffered a slight mechanical issue due To starved engine and after a offer I couldn't refuse, I sadly put it to stock and sold it to a good freind.

May sound gay but I found myself attached to this car, even my girlfreind was sad to see it go. It had character and it had had a lot of ups and downs in the 3 years I had it.

Here's some pictures as it stood before it was put back to standard..





The 5p shot haha



There was a lot of this to achieve the lowness I feel I managed to get haha


Then the culprit of the staved engine issue...


I miss this car too much so I've got another fox lined up. Whether it will feel the same as this one who knows, il post a thread up once ive got it.

Thanks for looking!! Haha

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