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  1. Let's make this clear...I'm not going to follow you on Instagram! Haha. Car suits the montreals well, but two things....get rid of the DRLs, they look horrid and second spray the rear drums black, the red looks tacky. Apart from that the cars looking brill, well done on fixing it up aswell!
  2. The car looks great! Agreeing with everyone else, the wheels go well with the car.
  3. No major trouble pal, I seriously considered doing it to my old one, measured everything and the points on the chassis for the engine mounts are identical to a polo 9n1 and 9n3 which is the type the 1.8T engine came in. Basically the biggest ball ache will be the wiring side of it all, it's a straight fit for the engine.
  4. Agreed ^ At vw you get an actual vw branded one that should last longer than, for example, one from halfords. Only like a tenner
  5. Right, Been a while since I updated this but it will sadly be the last as the car is no longer mine. It suffered a slight mechanical issue due To starved engine and after a offer I couldn't refuse, I sadly put it to stock and sold it to a good freind. May sound gay but I found myself attached to this car, even my girlfreind was sad to see it go. It had character and it had had a lot of ups and downs in the 3 years I had it. Here's some pictures as it stood before it was put back to standard.. The 5p shot haha There was a lot of this to achieve the lowness I feel I managed to get haha Th
  6. Low ;-) Actually have a photo of a 5 pence resting on the sump guard and the ground...il have a look for it. The car is no longer mine or in this guise....read my thread on it to get the low down. Got another fox lined up and the same coilovers awaiting fitment ;-)
  7. Looks brilliant mate! As said before, the plastic bumpers are the only thing that let's it down in my opinion As for scraping, b******t!!!! On my old fox I removed my helpers, rear spring adjusters then cut my actual coil springs at the front by about a quarter and the only scraping was the sump guard against the ground....
  8. Its a seat leon cupra R front splitter mate, can get off the internet, ebay is usually the best bet! Or from a seat dealership, only cost me 27.99 but I had staff discount!probably around the £31 pound mark for yourself mate. And the only other thing I can think of is the actual ABT front splitter which was available on the Volkswagen site/dealerships, but havnt seen or heard of them since foxes stopped production. Probably a few floating around the internet too! Haha
  9. Well, coilovers went 100mm, so I then removed the helper springs and cut the actual coil springs so im gonna say near the 150mm mark? I really, seriously dont recommend this though! Haha
  10. Only worked on the car for like 10 mins lastnight so only got some cosmetic stuff done, took the front seats out as awaiting arrival of new ones! Chucked the car on axle stands at the rear and painted the rear drums black, if anyone paints them a bright colour they deserve to be beaten with a stick, just saying.. Clearance shot for some giggles
  11. First update of the rebuild.. Decided on just keeping the wee 1.2 engine and take a different approach while building the engine back up, So took all the bolts off the rocker cover and began polishing them! Here's a before and after shot.. Gonna polish up as much as the engine as possible Also ordered some new fuel injectors as the one in the engine had been contaminated with diesel :/ never ever have I put diesel in my car so must have been sainsbury who put the wrong fuel in the tank gutted Sorry for the bad photo quality
  12. Cheers buddy! Looks different now like! Got the steel wheels back on :-( winter up in aberdeen is a bitch Haha. Also the engine isn't in the car after tonights antics.....
  13. It would be fairly straight forward to fit to the 75hp engine with perhaps slight gains in throttle response due to the larger bore/air intake but doubt it would be worth it to be honest buddy.
  14. Right guys! Been a while so need to update this! Bad news, the engine decided to make babies with itself and splurge oil everywhere So I followed my gut instinct and bought a 1.8 turbo lump, but ain't gonna fit it for a while anyway cause I need the car up and running asap so just ordered a new sump for the 1.2 lump justnow Also funds are stopping the conversion go ahead Pics to follow
  15. Well, the revs going to 4500rpm then cutting out before raising again is the rev limiter installed on every fox, I work for vw and road test foxes all the time and I own one too, they all do it so no need to worry there! On the other hand though the revs should raise and hold at about 4500rpm when at a stand still so no idea what the problem could be there!
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