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  1. Haven't been here in a while. Crap! Mmmmm golf
  2. Not sure how long it's been! hullo CL!

  3. 16sec 0-60 wallowy in the corners but you'll live. Comfy as heck mine was great in ze snow. Tax is the same as the mini for me I think! !! They're quite poky about town but the cooper beats it obviously. Watch out for the pedal box cause that's a common one. Mine was 40mpg happily and because I did a few good long journeys I could squeeze closer to 50. They Rev nicely! Other than that you're a nit so floppy haired pink beast loving prat. Goodnight.
  4. Such a stunning car! Ever been tempted to colour code the bumpers? Or would it ruin the OEM look?
  5. Nice car! looks like super man:-) change the bra though... Doesn't match the colour schemes! Soopa loop
  6. Southampton here! long forward to seeing this
  7. Paint your scuttle! Oh hi dubascrub lads! Addicted to two VAG forums now! Also... Bump strips? Maybe? Possibly colour coded?
  8. If you like stickerbombs, i heard that scotty-82 makes fantastic sticker kits for your car.
  9. Trollin' bunch of futher muckers
  10. Just read this while thread through. Amazing car. My rat look Rosa suddenly looks lame
  11. Next time it happens, if it happens... Get done aerosol lighter fluid... Spray it right in and adding the Tyre wall, then set it slight... Pops the tyres back on as it creates a vacuum. Then pump away!
  12. Ha alright then. :-P I'll try
  13. Hey wait.... Isn't Scot a massive troll? I feel like I'm being set up haha
  14. Thank you! Oooooooh scooottttty.
  15. Whilst I'm scouring the internet looking for sticker bomb kits can anyone offer some help to the best place to buy some? I have a very scabby arosa that i thought I would sticker/rat look
  16. That black bit below the windscreen where the wipers attach, should bolt straight off. Then you'll need to Hoover out the leaves that get trapped under it :-P
  17. Nice! Paint the scuttle? Sorry that wasn't an insult... Just thought you may wanna do it, cause everything looks so nice how
  18. Hey, wondering if you are on here! Was a soft blue lowered loop with polished rims going past the new police station at about half two. Sweet ride man
  19. iMurray

    alfa wheels 16s

    Alfas are five studs. I know this cause I saw some today.
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