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  1. Tee17


  2. Tee17


    Anyone fitted aftermarket seats or other vw seats in their fox?
  3. Tee17

    My Volkswagen Fox R! ;)

    Get it lower
  4. Tee17

    My Dub fox:)))

    Any pictures of this build?
  5. Tee17

    My Fox

    At first when I saw I was thinking that's going to catch but if not then its all good any future plans?
  6. To those running coilovers. Have you used the top mounts off the standard suspension or used a thinner/shorter top mount. If anyone knows also if 6n top mounts are a straight swap it would be great to know. Thanks.
  7. Tee17

    My Fox

    Dude. I must ask why you ran your live down the wing?! You do know of you look up the passenger foot well there is a gromit which if you take out. You can feed your live through. Without hassle whatsoever.
  8. Tee17

    Black bumpers.

    Try back to black plastic gel, they make it really clean and dark. To give you a look on how it would look
  9. Tee17


    Tee_b4 quite a few car pictures from meets that i take and other random things
  10. Tee17


    As the title says, what are your users, I'd love to see fellow fox owners mine is tee_b4
  11. Tee17

    rear bumper

    I have a spare rear bumper in my shed, perfect condition. But its red...
  12. Tee17

    How low is your fox?

    Lets just say it sticks to the ground where its flat. But speed bumps = scrape+ or actually getting air with my front wheels if i Mia judge the steepness of the bump/pot hole lol. Ill tag you in a pic on Instagram also
  13. Tee17

    Retrofitting VW Fox electric windows

    If you do go ahead with this, by all means create a threat as I'd go ahead and do it too ?
  14. Tee17

    Retrofitting VW Fox electric windows

    I also was interested in this, i know companies can do it with aftermarket parts i believe. I assume its quite difficult as you have to go through the fuse box, fuses and switches
  15. Tee17

    How low is your fox?

    Rear with no adjusters.

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