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  1. My 57 plate Fox is on 33k and still not in any need of anything like this. A VW garage will determine if it really needs to be done, but the chances are that you will be alright, unless you have noticed any problems with the cam belt slipping or the pump beginning to fail? If not, I wouldn't worry too much - hope that helps
  2. @Tee17 I have seen aftermarket kits that can be fitted "universally" but would rather stay OEM, simply because I just like the idea of re-using stuff, haha! @Skezza Might be an idea to get in touch with a breakers and see if they can source a Fox with electric windows and then just strip the internals and *try* to fit them on my car... My exams finish mid-June so I should have a bit of time to play with to try and get some work done, until then its just pipe-dreams unfortunately Cheers for the replies though lads
  3. Hey guys, Been the owner of a Fox for the past two years now, but couldn't get an Urban Fox at the time, so had to get the basic one with non-electric windows! With summer (hopefully) approaching, electric windows would be so much nicer! Does anybody know if it is possible to retrofit them, and if so, how much for parts/where to get them from etc? Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  4. Hey, how did you change the gearknob, and where did you buy the one that is in the car? I'm looking to change mine to something a bit plusher, and yours looks good! Cheers
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