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  1. lol slammed! What's it like without the anti-roll bar? Must handle like a bag of dicks
  2. Nice! How low is that? Have you notched the chassis? Can't get mine any lower otherwise things will start rubbing!
  3. Howells01

    My Fox

    I'm looking into getting them sprayed gloss black! We'll see after payday will get them done though, you're right, she would look better
  4. Howells01

    My Fox

    Just fitted 20mm spacers today. Pics below: More pictures:
  5. Howells01

    My Fox

    Sorry for the bad photo, iPhones shitty camera. Thought it looked good here so I took a pic
  6. Howells01

    My Fox

    All at the top of the post buddy.
  7. Howells01

    My Fox

    Removed the helpers today! Not much of a drop if I'm honest, but it's decent. This is as low as I can drop it now as the wishbones will start rubbing on the driveshaft as well as the sump being pretty low to the ground now. 15mm Spacers on the rear within the next couple of weeks though
  8. Howells01

    My Fox

    Thanks! I've had it for a year and 1 month
  9. Have a look at my thread pal, might give you an idea as to what you want.
  10. Check out my other topic "My Fox" for a full list of mods and with the new wheels on the car. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/94160-my-fox/
  11. Howells01

    My Fox

    Thanks! Removing the front helpers and rear adjusters within the next couple of weeks, so it should sit a bit lower
  12. Howells01

    My Fox

    My VW Fox! Mods: Alpine head unit (ALP-CDE133BT) Alpine front and rear speakers - Fronts (ALP-SXE-1750S) Rears - (ALP-SXE1725S) Rear de-badge Back box exhaust Coilovers - http://www.coiloversdirect.co.uk/vw-fox-prosport-coilovers/prod_60.html Calibre Vintage 16" 7j wheels - 195/40/16 tyres Before: After coilovers fitted: After both coilovers and calibres fitted: Head unit and speakers: Front speakers: Rear speakers: FYI, rear speaker wiring is already there, so all you have to do is buy these adapters - http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/con-ct55-08-ct55-08-speaker-fitting-adapter-for-vw-golf-ivpassat-98andgt;.html - and simply connect and fit them in.
  13. Getting my tyres for the wheels tomorrow lads, pictures will be posted when they're on I've gone for 195/40s since the low profile looks sick on BBS's
  14. How much did removing the helper springs lower the car? Did it ruin the ride at all? Would like to know, thanks
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