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i know we have the for sale section etc. but maybe we could have a straight swap section, where if someone isnt interested in cash, just swap for something different, i.e. wheels,

it might make things a bit easier than posting the swaps int he for sale section and having to put a price as well..

Just a thought. :)

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Isn't that why people put PX in their sale threads ?

If there was a swap section it would just overcomplicate things.

IE: my wheels are worth more than what you're offering, chuck some cash in and it's all gravy.

Then it's not a swap shop.

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I had thought of this, but i put the idea out there just as a feeler, see if anyone would be interested and if the mods would think it's a good idea.

i agree with you that some people would more than likely over complicate things for everyone else, but with something like that you would imagine people would have an little commen sense when doing deals like this... though this could be asking too much.

as i said just a thought :)

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Think you need a value for swaps personally. If it ain't broke don't fix it haha ;)

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my opinion is this would overcomplicate things beyond neccessity really. chances of something that you can swap being worth the same value is highly unlikely.i think the for sale system as it is works great and if you want or would part ex then put it in the advert.

my opinion though....

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