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  1. Fair enough mate, in that case then i'll leave it. im just after a cheap run around and a non-turbo deisel would do the trick.
  2. You serious about the SDi Rich? your about 3-3.5 hours from me, so if your serious its gotta be a worthwhile price, as im sure you can appreciate
  3. dont know if anyone still comes on here (the site i mean, not the build thread), but i REALLY miss my Lupo and wish i kept it... and wish i put them bloody alfa wheels on. Luckily though i sold Linda to a local girl who has kept it the same and tidied her up a bit, (which is really nice to see, but also a bit heart wrenching)... who knows, might put a cheeky offer in and have a second toy plus i hate my golf haha
  4. After I thought about it, the mid box sounded the better option, and I'm guessing an easier job too? Am I right in thinking I won't have to weld any pieces on for the hangers with the mid box? Just clamp a piece of straight pipe in place of it?
  5. I want to remove one of the silencers for some extra grunt noise wise Which one would be better to remove, mid or back box? My back box fell off once and its sounded pretty cool IMO (not to everyone's taste I know) but wondered if either affected power etc.
  6. So here's what's happening... Bought a new JVC headunit, and wired it up the same way I did with my old headunit, but for some reason the amp is staying on constantly, which drained my battery the other day. If I have the wires as they came (red - red/ yellow - yellow) then the amp turns off when I take the key out, but it means the headunit loses memory, I.e. bass, subwoofer settings. So when the ignition is turned on it resets. If I have the wires swapped over (red - yellow/ yellow - red) then the amp stays powered constantly with the key out, but the headunit keeps memory. Now I've tried stripping back both the remote cable that is on the JVC wiring harness, and the red ignition cable and attached the remote cable from them to the amp, but again both of these way keep the amp powered. I'm fed up of having to keep resetting my headunit, so I'm currently taking the remote cable out of the amp everytime I leave the car, which is really annoying. If anyone could shed some light on to what I can do to stop this I would be greatly appreciative
  7. Same here. And I would go with the merc wheels for shows, they're quite frankly, pimp sir.
  8. Your car is simply beautiful mate! Congrats!
  9. How does this not look low in pics? That looks pretty damn low to me
  10. Would love the OZ's but won't be able to afford them Unless you wanna sell them for £200 haha
  11. as stated in the title, my engine has a constant noise from what can only be the tappets. the tappets have always been noisy upon start up then died down to a very minimal tapping noise when warm (which never bothered me) but this new, constant, very loud tapping noise sounds quite abnormal. ive had a look around and a read up and i know that an engine flush and oil change can work, and also this, plus dropping the sump and cleaning out some pipe (cant remember the name). and the usual filter change etc. any other help/advice would be appreciated
  12. did you manage to sort out that leak on the rear in the end?
  13. i bought mine second hand and didnt get any. ive bought some c-spanners now so al is good
  14. That's a bit rubbish! Get back on to whoever did it and get them to sort it. It's not like its gone from wear and tear
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