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  1. Hi Guys, After a good few years i think it's finally time to say goodbye to my Lupo The other day i was driving along minding my own business when all of a sudden my airbags have blown after a sharp jolt and bang. It materialises I've hit a raised manhole cover after not being properly sign posted (that's another story) I've priced up the cost of getting everything fixed and at this time it's just not worth the hassle, It's a second car so i'm just going to cut my losses. The car itself is MOT'd and runs fine, as stated both airbags have been deployed, i have replaced the seat belt but the li
  2. bit of help needed boys and girls, ok so i think i have a leak on the offside front shock, i currently have a set of AP adjustables fitted. the question is : Can i use different brand shocks to replace the existing leaky one, will the springs and fittings still fit with the APs or do i solely need to rely on using AP replacements, which i cannot find. many thanks
  3. ok guys so ive had the airbag light on for some time, my diagnostic kit comes up with error 01590 battery disconnect ignitor, component code N253, For exceeding upper limit ive had the boot out and basically wirebrushed all connections, im at a loss though with the numerous wires and attachments, can anyone shed any light and help me out. many thanks
  4. 04 plate and just hit the 95k mark recently had cambelt and service and runs perfectly
  5. basically replaced the bonnet catch after i had to break the grill off to get in anyways theres a wire that runs into the catch area with a sensor on the end.it looks like a pressure switch/sensor as it has a metal contact and a moving metal arm... any ideas what this is and where it should be???
  6. ye cheers guys i know that you only need the carriers its just at that price i would split them and use the carriers....are these the g60 size though thats the question. i do apoligise if i worded it incorrectly, not that great with words cheers adam
  7. haha dont you just love it when that happens! welcome and where abouts in lancashire are you from?
  8. dont have an arosa say this may not be relevant but hope it helps http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=62782
  9. ok so i found myself reading a few gti diaries, i think it was gti mikes that had a similar posting,basically the g60 carrier was used in a new ibiza,its the same just abit newer so cleaner.... anyways is the link below to what are essentially g60 calipers and carriers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Ibiza-FR-Front-Brake-Calipers-and-Carriers-SKODA-FABIA-VRS-VW-POLO-GT-/220997153654?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item337474f376
  10. also just read the diary from start to finish and so much thought has gone into it, i personally love the mods youve made pal, you should be proud. i envy the voltmeter however...my alternator has just died and it would have been a lifesaver if i could predict that happening keep up the good work i hope you keep it!!
  11. hello there and welcome my dogs called noddy hes a big apricot fluffy labradoodle at least its not a run of the mill corsa...but will be better cruising in a lupo of course. good luck lupo hunting peace out, adam
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