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  1. Basically I took my scuttle panel of to clear all the leafs out ! And when I was doing this j noticed that there was a plug that had been blanked of and was wondering what this plug is for! It's got a orange and brown going to it .... Thanks Dom
  2. you push the front of the plastic that you can see away from the knob thing and theres a screw behind it
  3. I'm in gillingham Kent mate text me and we can arrange a viewing!!
  4. liam you best tell sam to pull his finger out and do your car!
  5. if we get moved on we will go to asda car park! its 2 mins away!
  6. I've got a 1.4 75 brake one if your interested ? 07545470543
  7. is there a diffrence in the gear ratios in the 100bhp gearbox ?
  8. it isnt a MOT failureive done it myself! and you should do it its easy!!!!
  9. Where abouts are you based?
  10. Thanks need this gone ASAP that's why it's cheap! Hopefully someone wants it!!
  11. here is my lupo 1.0e 2001 Y reg in black for sale! With 67k pn the clocks! The car is taxed and tested till July I think I'll double check! i have had the car for about 2 years and it has never let me down it has been regualy serviced with genuine parts from vw (the car comes with full service history) it dosent come with private plate Specification- lupo gti rear spoiler painted black rear boot floor changed with a 1.4 sport one so it know has a center exhuast! kw collies 3l front end recently painted black rear aero wiper from mk5 golf rear sharan badge carbon wrapped dash HID kit door h
  12. I'm up for this ! Bluewater will be a good spot aswell !
  13. DOm 12332

    1.4 16v

    There is loads of threads on this btw but from what i have read the differences from the 75 bhp 1.4 and the 100 bhp 1.4 is: inlet manifold throttle body inlet cam
  14. Where are you based and have you got a contact number ? Pm me
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