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Fresco Lupo on Schmidts

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yeah i was really happy with the engine bay! I need to get pictures with the cover off aswell because i polished it for hours then covered it up :L .. thanks mate, they were Jake's (smurf16)

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Stop travelling the world and buy some new wheels already!

but dont worry, in the mean time, i'll look after her

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Opinions! .... changed my dials over earlier from the GTI, to the 1.4 version trimmed in leather to match the seats, What do you prefer? :)

GTI dials...


Trimmed dial cover-



All feedback welcome!

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I prefer the boobs to the single GTI cowls tbh. Really nice work, love the lower door card idea.

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Wash, polished and waxed my car yesterday so the paint works looking lovely and shiny! next on the list is definitely new wheels and front end body work, but still happy with how she currently sits (: any feedback, opinions/tips appreciated!






thanks for looking!

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