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  1. nice! that shine is awesome! black cars are such hard work but so worth it!
  2. that look sick! I love the standards, they work so well!
  3. but dont worry, in the mean time, i'll look after her
  4. Stop travelling the world and buy some new wheels already!
  5. Subtle. gunmetal grey or something similar
  6. GOT HER STARTED!! such a good feeling! haha Got her hooked upto an industrial battery charger for a bit then tried starting while pumping on the accelerator, up she went! Im guessing it was just no fuel in the lines after being left
  7. Blady hell dog!
  8. corr that sucks man! id be fuming!
  9. cool ill give that a go. I think it was just the battery but ill check again tomorrow! and yeah..it would appear so! ha
  10. well actually, ive tried jump starting in and left it connected for a fair amount of time. as soon as i take the leads off though and try to start it it goes completely dead within about 10 seconds. but its still not starting whilst connected with jump leads, so cant solely be the battery, right?
  11. id go low then get wheels! nothing worse than a high car with modded rims, especially 13s! Will look alright lowered on standard rims though
  12. hey guys! I was looking for a few pointers on what might get my brothers Lupo starting, its been sitting unused with the battery disconnected for about 3 months....and now it wont start! Its got so much life in it just missing the last little push! has anyone got any ideas on what i could try? based on me trying with minimal mechanical knowledge. Ive tried disconnecting the positive terminal for 5 mins and re attaching but still no luck, also recharged battery and pushed the ****er down the road!
  13. Coming together bro! Love them
  14. You clearly have no interest in buying the wheels so why do you feel the need to comment in such a way that ruins the thread. Theres not many things that get put on a forum for sale and goes for full price, just leave people who are actually interested to barter. You people need to get out more. Been looking at a set of wheels on edition which were put up at a starting price of just over £2000 and he has now accepted an offer of £1k. I don't see why you can't just leave a topic to run, they clearly aren't going to get any interest now that the threads been slated.
  15. Sorry to do a half ar-sed ad, will add all the details tomorrow but just a quick one on my brothers behalf, Heres the members cars thread so you can see how its come along over the last couple of years included basic spec i believe: http://forums.clublu...l=hairbear&st=0 I believe he is looking for around £3.5 - £4k but will double check Im sure plenty of people on here will vouch for how well shes been looked after and how awesome it is! Thanks, Sam. - 07772321386
  16. FOR SALE - 07772321386
  17. They emailed the certificate as soon as i paid the deposit and was all fine at the post office - just for future reference
  18. god thats good new! cheers guys, can always count on CL!
  19. Evening all. I'm hoping someone on here knows if you can get a tax disk from the post office with an email from your insurance as proof of cover as I need the tax disk the same day that i pay for the insurance. I cant do it online either, I'm getting this message - "Unfortunately, because of the tax class of the vehicle or recent changes to the vehicle record, you are currently unable to apply for a tax disc or declare SORN using this service." Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. please tell me these are 5x112?
  21. hmm im still pretty undecided! lol Im not a fan of black wheels generally speaking but can see them going well! :/
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