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Thom's Black Lupo - GONE :( now 6n2 TDi


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  • 3 weeks later...

just to update this, and bring a bit of closure.....

Bought my new car. 2001 Polo 6n2 TDi, in blue antracite.

havent got any decent photos of the polo yet. just these.


literally hours after i got it home! VERY glad i managed to get it home before this haha.


Lupo is now sold too, took a deposit so its just sitting waiting to be collected. gave it a last clean.


already miss driving it. cant get used to the standard height of the polo.

that said, coilovers are in the post, will be ordering wheels in the next week and should be sitting 100x better than the lupo.

and a photo next to my friends 6n2 GTI


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  • 2 months later...


get fogs!

ive had a few opportunities but to be honest im not that bothered, part of me thinks i prefer it without them :blink:

That looks sweet, anymore pics?

ive got older pictures but theyre all of the car a bit higher as i seem to be lowering it about twice a week. some have loads of photos coming soon when i get out and do a proper shoot.

if youre on instagram theres loads of pictures on my page: fourseasonsuk

That is seriously awesome :o

thanks dude! im very happy with it, getting all the economy i need now with my 400 miles a week, all with my sump about 2 fingers off the floor :lol:

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