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  1. Just to let you all know, the car is up for sale. I will be accepting offers around 4k. if you are interested please give me a call/text as I am not on here too often. Grant - 07970350115
  2. haha, was a nice little surprise! wouldnt mind a full feature when she is a little more tidy! as for keeping her she is always tentatively for sale, for the right price of course! cheers for the kind words though!
  3. Cheers pal, umm ill tentatively say yes haha! anyway... Couple of pics for you with the wheels on... and my little lass was in the BNB section of pvw this month... always nice ..
  4. Few updates. managed to curb the wheels after owning them for a week so decided to paint them ... I'll get a pick of them on the car as soon as I can. cheers for looking. Grant
  5. wheels on gonna hopefully bed red this weekend ...
  6. A lot of your questions are really a matter of opinion. It depends what sort of finish you want when it comes to customs mounts etc. I fabricated a mk4 bracket for the engine mount into my bay allowing for all the standard mk4 mounting gear to be used on the drivers side. As for the passenger side I fabricated a custom mount using the original lupo mount as a starting point, this was the same with the lower gearbox mount. as for the engine if you have no price tag I think most would go for the BAM engine as standard it runs 225bhp. I chose the O2J box. only as I heard it was fairly bullet proof but my knowledge of gearboxes is slightly limited. you may get away with your brakes although I think I would be with everyone here and say a 280mm upgrade wouldn't go a miss. the difference between the weight of the engines isn't ridiculous and I think most have got away without modifying their suspension although I do think uprating these wouldn't go a miss. Something I am looking to do. hope that helps. cheers.
  7. exhaust is on. will get another vid up asap. had a great day yesterday at prept show down. couple of pics: Steves mk1 - won of the best of show.
  8. as it stands its not too bad! however once I have had a chance to sort the exhaust and buy some new wheels I will be getting a new lower ARB from awesome GTI as I have been told the differences are immense. You obviously get a fair amount of under steer if you put your foot down a bit heavily on a corner although that is to be excepted, however an LSD would help that! all in all the power is what makes the difference not the weight of the engine. New exhaust & wheels should be coming in the next couple of weeks
  9. so nice! love the interior bro!
  10. A little update. Gave her a wash today and decided to go take a few snaps. sorry for the consistent i-phone pics but its all I got ...
  11. I Find mine ok to drive - just easy to spin up - but that's expected right? lol! I haven't done anything special to it as far as the set up goes but it doesn't seem front heavy at all. I have heard a front ARB is a massive investment.
  12. haha! well said! well would be nice to see the car in person if you do make it! ... there is a beer on me if you do!
  13. not slow! I get people every so often ... new exhaust in progress....
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