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Lupo 1,8t 20v conversion


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  • 3 weeks later...

Now Lupo is started finally!

After a bit of trouble with air leakage around the injectors it now running

fine and steady.

The throttle response is much better then last years setup so it will be nice to

have a testdrive soon. :yes:

But theres just the one problem with about 2dm of snow outside the garage.....

I´m hoping for spring to come soon but ´till then i´ll take it outside and have proper warmup

so i could spot any leeks or so, maybe there will be a little video of it too.

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loving this car, really like the detail! i think you need to become my new best friend :D

maybe a silly question, why do you have two header tanks?

I thank you for that friend :yes:

It´s all in the details you know...

I have two tanks cause ive got one for the engine and the other one

supplies the water for the chargecooler system.

Found a little nice looking one from Audi A2...

Yesterday i got my Porsche wheels testfitted!

And heres how it looks!



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oh yes! my girlfriend has family in sweden, mentioned its snowing there now (shes over there alot)

Did you do the wiring yourself? what sort of brakes you using? so many questions! lol

Yep, lots of snow : )

Then you need to come over here too for a garage visit perhaps sometime...

I did all wiring myself, theres no fun in letting someone else do all the tricky parts... :yes:

I´m using 280mm G60 discs with Golf Vr6 calipers + carriers and grenstuff pads in the front.

In the back i´ve got Lupo Gti discs + carriers and Polo 6N2 calipers, ferodo ds pads.

The master cylinder is from a Passat -91 G60 and the loadsensing valve is from a Golf Vr6.

The car has no ABS-system.

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She keeps wanting to drag me along with her, maybe i'll let her now lol where abouts are you?

reading your thread is no good for me! its making me tempted to turbo mine!

specially as your state your not running abs!

Then let her! Sweden is nice in the summer and cold in the winter where i live.

I live in a town named Falun along with many other VW-idiots so its a nice town to

be if your´e intrested in that... : )

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

The new setup is finished and has been out from the garage for a quick testdrive, lots

more power than last year and much faster spool-up of the boost : )

Lupo have also been washed and polished for the first time this season and is now

waiting to be displayed at "Bilsport Performance and custom motor show" next weekend.

Before that i´ll have proper test run to know that the bits will work properly.

Pictures from the show will be posted as soon as possible : )

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Just spotted the 1.8T badge, very nice touch :thumbsup:

Isn´t it! : )

It´s fun to hear what people says when they see it, almost every time they think

it´s just the badge.... : )

I´ve now added a tiny "S3" badge in the grille too.

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only thing i can say is i prefer your other alloys , apart from that its amazing ! im not much of a mechanic , i think more about appearance ... but yours has it all i take my hat off to you !


About the Porsche wheels.... they will be up for sale and a new set of 17":s will take their place : )

I´m not satisfied with the looks with these wheels either so...

Cars looking so nice! need to get some videos up of it in action!

Videos will be shot of it as soon as it´s out of the garage for good this year.

I´ve got some videos of it from last summer but it needs editing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

My Porsche wheels are now sold and the white 17"s are back on again.

I have made an offer on new set of wheels so lets hope i get them.

Heres a pic of Lupo on a local meeting this saturday:


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