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  1. looking cool mate luv the look of the center locks What you doing with your other centers? Fancy selling them to me?

    16" BBS RC

    Yes I have mate

    16" BBS RC

    Hi mate I got a set for sale give me a call on 0 7 956568657
  4. I got a set of the 16" BBS RC that im thinking of selling there the same as whats on that gti.
  5. Hiya Beth great to have a cool gal join the GTI club and welcome ;-) So what you got planed for it?
  6. Cool so what do i do if i want to remove the carbon canister to allow me to run a pipe down to the bumper vent?
  7. Hi guys really need some help im fitting same set up here a bmc cda,what do people do with the rubber pipe that goes onto the stock airfilter housing? Also what do you do with the plastic bottle thing thats behind the head light sitting inside the wing? Thanks
  8. i could be in for this,whats the price?
  9. Hi all im trying to get my gti finished and im stuck to what wheels to put on it,i know i want to go 17" as i have 2 sets of bbs rc 1 set in 16" and the other 17" and i think the 17s look better but the problem i have is i want some other wheels like the bbs rs but i have a brembo brake kit on the car and dont think they will fit so can anyone on here with a brembo 4 pot caliper mod done tell me what wheels there running? Thanks
  10. Looking great mate,really want a 20vt in my red GTI but can't afford it right now
  11. Sweet looking car mate,mine has been sat on the drive almost finished for over a year now What size wheels and tyres is on yours?
  12. No that one went long time ago just the black one 6 speed with air con and the other red one that I'm keeping
  13. **** man sorry to hear about your GTI, I have 2 and luv both but one has to go to a new good home as the wife is bending my ear lol
  14. Hi all can anyone help? need a pair of rear door cards off a gti asap.
  15. Im after cloth ones that i can retrim with the recaro int im going to put in?
  16. Im one of the lucky ones as my Lupo gti has a factory sunroof and aircon.I wouldnt fit a none standered sunroof they always leak and never look as good,if i really wanted one i would be looking for a roof off a lupo that has one.
  17. if you want the best to stand out thats going to be white :-)
  18. Hiya All im taking the Heated leather out of my gti and want to sell it as a job lot seats and front and rear leather door cards so im looking for a set of rear cards like the ones in my gti with the speaker covers on? Can anyone help? Thanks
  19. I have a black one im selling because i got offered a red one by a mate that working in a bmw garage,a lady doctor came in a px'ed it,Red 6 speed,heated leather (that im selling by the way),Air Con,Sunroof.Well happy with it as you dont find many with Air Con & Sunroof. Great to hear your joining the gti club ;-)
  20. Hi all need some help,does anyone out there have a standered front spring as just found out mine is broken? also need a good set of discs front? Thanks
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