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My Raven Blue GTi


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Was that the one that had been murdered with a bad boy bonnet? Grrrrr.

anyway glad to see her all fixorised :thumbup:

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Yeah I saw that on eBay. Messaged him about the rear bumper but I ended up buying one direct from VW and getting it sprayed up.

Yeah I'd like to know how many are left - I think I saw a post on here that said 77 existed near in 2009. I guess it's going to be a little less than that now.

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Little update -

Cars back and all fixed.


Over the weekend I stuck the winter wheels on that I'd sprayed up.



My plans for this week / weekend are to fit the BMC now I have all the piping and fit the Janspeed.

Once that's done I'll start to save for a manifold and remap!

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Christ, this has been a while.

I've still got the Lupo! However, it has spent maybe the past three and a bit years just stuck in the garage and only doing about 50 miles. I've moved home and other things have taken priority financial wise. I think it's now about time that I sorted the bits out I want to and get this little thing back on the road.

Before the car was garaged back in 2016 I had a few issues and problems. First, it needed new bottom ball joints and the ones from VW were on backorder. They took a good ten months to come at the time. For a while, the car felt awful to drive. 

The FKs that were on the car also gave up. One of the front legs just decided to die on me. I replaced the full lot with an expensive set of KWs and then pretty much didn't do any more miles in the thing.

I also had a nightmare one day driving behind a van carrying a load of junk. Some debris fell off the back and the car in front of me swerved to avoid it but I didn't see it until it was too late. The thing put a nice hole in my sump, ripped the offside arch liner and bent the wing a little. 

I managed to repair the sump at the time with a little welding and some plumbers putty but there's still a small leak.

The cars on 104k and that won't be increasing but its time to sort out that list of problems!

The rear brake light hasn't been working for a while. So over the weekend, I removed the spoiler. It looks like I'm going to need a replacement connector, this one has rusted to bits, as has one of the bolts to remove the brake light itself, this took a while to remove. 




I also noticed I was missing this little plastic cover. I am guessing I can pick this up cheap from somewhere.


I decided to pull out the rear seats first for a clean. I've removed the rears and noticed one of the seat belts no longer retracted itself. Off came the panels to find the culprit, this little clip had come loose.




What's next I hear you ask. Well, it turns out I'd purchased a sump pan and arch liner a long time ago. So, those need fitting. I'll probably get the sump pan replaced when I get the belt and pump done.  There's also an annoying little rattle from the front heat shield. I have one of those that will need fitting at that time. 

It needs two new tow eye covers on the front. I've got them both and they just need painting.

One of the headlight washers needs replacing. The clip that holds the blank on is broken. I've got that so I just now need to find the patience to replace it. 

My windscreen has a chip it in. It was repaired years ago but it's visible and annoys me, so I want that replacing.

The cigarette lighter doesn't work. I can't ever remember it working so as I work my way around the car I'll have to get that sorted.

The glass in the driver's side sun visor is smashed so I'll need to source another one unless the glass can be removed and replaced?

The bodywork has a few little marks here and there, as expected with a 17-year-old car. But I'd eventually like them tidied up. I'll get more photos up as I work my way around the car. 


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3 hours ago, lupo1.0se said:

The back cover Vw still do. Its two parts in that it is a back cover/holder.


Part numbers

6H0945289A (cover)

6H0945159A (Retainer)




Thanks man! I’ll get some ordered. 

2 hours ago, Y2ACP said:

Well it's great you still have it! The longest I've owned a car is 8 years, can anyone beat micp?

Just realised myself it’s coming up 10 years. Jesus 😂

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