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  1. Have all four wheels off a mates 6n2 polo in black, need tyres, not in the best condition, personally I would refurb Them , I want £90, I'm in the solihull area, email me at MJRoberts1291@gmail.com for pics and more info.
  2. Thanks mate cant wait to get them done, I decided against doing the exhaust, kinda like how it sits with the car being lower now Lol who knew you had super xray vision, anything else you noticed?I like the sticker, I liked it two years ago, I like it now
  3. Thanks man! Its got 61500 approximately its my daily so slowly climbing, which is also the reason I wont try get it even lower lol
  4. So after a successful cambelt and water pump change and major service I looked at wheels to get and bought these on ebay They need a refurb and im thinking gold with polished lips Let me know what you guys think...
  5. Yeah ive removed them now, was a moment of utter stupidity Book her in for a cambelt and water pump change and major service tomorrow, then to look for new shoes
  6. Seen some bbs rs 764 alloys on ebay, planning to get them, there 16" though so not sure if they will make the car look silly, any thoughts on this will be helpful thanks for looking
  7. Can anyone suggest or advise me on a good mechanic or garage I can take my gti too, need a cambelt change, also I need a few bits sprayed, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Had her lowered as fair as the ap coilovers would go Gave the callipers a fresh coat of red Added wind deflectors A srubby aerial too Carbon wrapped the front bandge red Added the red sticker to the windscreen And the classic gti red strip round the grill
  9. I know I should have updated this while modding the car as most of you do and as I always thought I would but I just never did anyway heres some recent photos of my gti
  10. Its not a car event, but none the less its worth a mention! Who's going? And what acts are you looking forward to seeing?
  11. I take there won't be any club lupo stands? Any one fancy convoying up from the luton or bedfordshire area?
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