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Hydraulic pipe for power steering

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I have a 2000 reg lupo with no air con. I need a hydraulic pipe for my power steering as it has corroded. 

The part number is 6N2 422 893 J but apparently it is no longer being produced. I have tried looking for alternatives but the only option seems to be trying to find a scrap option.

does anyone have any ideas, or have they had a similar problem?


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I think it was @Sausage  who replaced the entire length with hydraulic line - there is a thread somewhere on here - you can order them for a very reasonable price made to measure on ebay, you will be replacing the banjo & bolt with male fittings.

Just need to be careful for routing near exhaust/moving parts



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Good job @LR5V  :) 

Knew there was a thread somewhere with lots of info. I have a spare used and very rusty PS pipe which i need to rebuild for the next occasion. Reading that old thread will make me do it now!

Welcome to CL @kevin hall 👍🏻


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Hi everyone

Thanks for all your help.

I took the advice and checked out my local hydraulics firm La Pla in Sheffield, they fixed the pipe with a 13" hose in five minutes, cleaned it out and charged £25.

Forget Vorsprung Durch Technik, now a part of Lupo is Made in Sheffield!

Vorsprung Durch Technik


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